Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sunshine, more planning and Southern food

Where are we today ?
New Hamburg Ontario
        A wonderful day today, not too cold last night and pretty sunny and warm today. A few errands and then we once again did some more discussing and researching our possibilites for this winter. 
        Its always fun planning a bit on our route to get started, the the rest will just kinda fall in place as we go along. Check out a few new places and visit some favourite places along the way, yep we are getting itchy feet, soon, 23 more days.....
        Some afternoon sun and Suzie got to brush Omer a bit more. We are leaving in the morning for 7-8 days to our home park Rock Glen Resort in Arkona.
        Shorty after 3 we headed into Kitchener to meet with our financial advisor and friend, discuss our portfolio and then enjoyed a nice supper with him at a new restaurant in town that has great reviews.
downtown Kitchener
        The Lancaster Smokehouse located in the Historic landmark the Lancaster Tavern. I had been to many times a lot, and I mean a lot of years ago. All cleaned up with still the flavour of the old Tavern but a brand new menu. Casual dining at its best. From catfish, gumbo, Louisiana  Po'boys, Cajun Jambalya, pulled pork, collard greens, beef brisket, southern fried chicken and oh did I mention pigtails (a southern dish but with a waterloo county twist, sweet and sticky BBQ sauce) all right up my alley. Even a huge selection of craft beers on tap too. 
a couple pigtails for appetizers
        Suzie and I opted out for the catfish fillets with a light cornmeal batter, fresh cut fries and red beans and rice for me. Suzie had the catfish, sweet potato fries and coleslaw, and of course the southern tradition, fresh cornbread.
excellent catfish
        Our friend had to try the beef brisket with a wonderful assortment of grilled veggies and monster onion rings. 
so tasty
        The food was excellent, huge portions and reasonably priced, even the service was excellent too. By the time we left shortly after 6:30 the place was getting pretty filled up, I would think about 150 seats, pretty good for a tuesday night.
        Then chat a bit more and  time to head back home and call it a night. Heading out in the morning, gotta keep those wheels turning.

        Thanks for stopping by again, so nice to see your friendly faces again.
         Y'all come back now, hear? Did I mention we headin south soon.... You think we are getting anxious? not at all........

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  1. I love catfish and am looking forward to some of those when we get south.

    1. Yes we were craving too, so nice that we cxan get good catfish here

  2. The food looked good but I still can't get my head around 'pig tails'. I've never eaten Catfish either so I guess I'm not all that adventurous an eater.

    1. Awe Rick live a little and try these things. Thats one thing we love about travelling is trying different foods. How about frog legs, gator or ceviche all excellent once you try them too.

  3. Yes I can tell you are anxious to head south!!


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