Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Friday, September 07, 2012

A day trip Oil Springs Ontario

Where are we today ?
Arkona Ontario

        Today is supposed to be mostly cloudy and rainy this afternoon and this evening.  So this morning we decided to take the 45 minute drive to Oil Springs Ontario and check out the Oil Museum of Canada . This is a historic site where James Miller Williams dug North America's first commercial oil well in 1858. The birthplace of the modern oil industry. 
        We hopped in the car at 10:30 with Rob and Pat for a nice country drive about 45 minutes. Sorry about all the pictures but this is only about 1/3 of what I took today. And we had such a fun day.

Pat, Suzie and Me 


model of  a local  Shell oil refinery
wooden bicycle
        Now over an hour inside watching the video checking the the displays. It was lunch time and we had not even began outside and the driving tour. So we took a break and headed to the Black Creek Golf and Country club for a quick bite to eat.
Black Creek Golf course
        Our choices today was to have breakfast for lunch, a nice treat for a change, quick easy, tasty and inexpensive.
Suzie's Omellete
Bacon, eggs and fried potatoes
          Now we are fortified back to the museum to resume our tour. The outside displays were done very well and the walkabout the nicley landscaped grounds just enjoying the lovely summer day, with a bit of a cloud coverage so not too hot and sunny.

jerker system
Blacksmith shop 
drilling rig 

oil tankers
        Below is a few pictures of the Jerker Line system still in operation developed in 1862 by John Henry Fairbank , this system was so successful it was spread to worldwide. It could operate as many as 90 wells  from one steam boiler.

jerker line
jerker power house 
jerker system
jerker power house

modern oil refinery
Model of oil rig from Lake Erie
train station
old rail line

        After touring the grounds we hopped in the car for the Oil Springs Heritage Driving tour with 9 stops and displays with 9 different Radio stations to tune into for the audio part very interesting.
Imperial oil Receiving Station
The James Rig
The Shaw Gusher 1862
Fairbank Oil Properties
        Ok ,we had a fun time learning and experiencing some Canadian History, time to head back home. Happy hour, then still not raining so let's have a campfire. We're not too hungry for supper but with the campfire I brought out our trusty Grill-A-Dog an amazing hot dog griller, that I have had it for close to 40 years, made locally in Kitchener Ontario. Made a few plain ones then some with peanut butter, oh so yummy!
ready to go with peanut butter
into the fire
  tasty finished product
         Grill-a-Dogs for supper, then some tasty, sticky s'mores with peanuts butter cups for desert, Suzie is kinda hooked on these tasty, sweet treats.
       With our fire going in the square before we know it a few more campers came to join in the fellowship and tell more stories. Campfires are always great for summer time gatherings.

        We kept going until almost 10 pm when it finally began to sprinkle, everybody packed up and headed home just in time. Then skies opened up with a down pour that lasted pretty well all night. Love sleeping in our Rv with the sound of rain in the roof.
        Thats it for the day , thanks for coming along to the Oil Museum of Canada with us, hope you had a great day too.

Check out the map below to see where we have been this summer
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  1. That museum certainly looks interesting. Suzie's omelet is huge but it sure looks good!

  2. What a full day & tummies!!

    Grill a to me, but with peanut butter!!!!! Yuck!

    1. Yes it was fun. If you like hot dogs and peanut butter why not put them together?

  3. Thanks for the great pictures and information. Not sure about the hot dogs and peanut butter though. :-)


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