Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Friday, September 14, 2012

More followers and even more electrical fixes....

Where are we today ?
Arkona Ontario
            Wow,  we have  five new blog followers in the last day or two, its been a while since somebody new showed up but welcome aboard guys. Fossilfreamer, CJCozygirl, and Willam McKibbin,these three have not included a link to their blogs so we cannot follow them, welcome aboard and thanks for the commenting on our posts. The next two have added their blog links so stop by and vist with them if you wish. Ruth and Papoojacks. 
          If you read yesterday's posting you will remember, we picked up new house batteries for our coach (old ones seven years old so they were due to be replaced anyway). But this morning it is pouring rain and notice that the batteries are pretty low and not charging. 
        So research and research then research some more. Then I took all this information and tested and tested and tested all there was to test. Appears that our converter is pooched. Not charging the batteries at all. Yes we can start the coach engine and charge the batteries, no charge when plugged into power or when the generator is running. They do charge from the solar panel (if the sun is shinning, not today thou!) So even thou our batteries were almost done looks like we need to purchase a new converter as well. Oh well thats the cost of living in a house. 
         Then more research for the best deal on one and found a pretty good deal at Sicards in Smithville Ontario. They have one is stock at a fair price so looks like I will be making a trip there to pick it up soon. Will be a pretty simple install so just need to find the time.
        By the time this was done its time to fire up our Weber for supper and tonight a couple chicken breasts and some taters in foil with onions.
add some broccoli and cheese, and a tomato slice all is good
after supper, it stopped raining so made a nice campfire
        We are having friends Randy and Gail come here this weekend to the resort and will be nice to visit with them again, its been a couple years since we last saw them. They have an very nice class "A" coach and brought their dog "Holly" along with them.  
Randy, Gail and Holly
        A great evening and visit, chin wagging and catching up by the fire, but the evenings get cool so not out too late, they had to work today too, so kinda tired.
another nice campfire
        This time of year the campfires are becoming few and far between so we enjoy every single one that we can.
        Glad you could stop in and enjoy it too, stop by anytime.

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  1. George - This is what we purchased when our converter went out. Cheap, easy to install, works great and doesn't overcharge our batteries. Hope this helps and good luck!

    1. Thanks for the input I will pick up the PD9260 that is on that site. Wish we could get it for the prices available there, But shipping tax and duty makes it almost the same price as buying it here.

    2. I forgot about all of the additional costs, almost doesn't make it worth it. If you have any technical challenges, Randy answers the phone and provides great assistance 24/7. Hope it all goes well!

    3. Appreciate the referral, wil definitely keep them in mind.

  2. Good luck with the pricing. It cost us $1000.00 to import our fireplace from the US. The new converter we got back in June also cost us a fortune.

  3. We think it wil be cheaper to buy it her for sure. Thanks for your input!

  4. Hi George and Suzie !!

    We are still checking in on you on a regular basis ...

    I noticed that you have been added to the mega sized web site "Hitch Itch" ...

    Maybe that is where you have picked up your new followers.

    Looks like you have had a great relaxing summer.

    Take care ... TnT

    1. Thanks for stopping by, yes we have been on Hitch Itch since March this year. Our summer has been actually pretty busy will be nice to head south again where we will truly relax and enjoy the great weather.

  5. We just put a new converter in ours a year ago. That's not fun. At least it's probably less expensive than 6 house batteries.


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