Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Just another great day

Where are we today ?
Rock Glen Resort, Arkona Ontario

        The weather today is perfect and we do not have a lot on the agenda. Today is Rob and Pat's 43rd anniversary and I'm gonna cook supper for them today. So Rob and I took a short trip to the Arkona market for a fresh chicken then the vegetable market for fresh picked corn and some veggies, and picked up a wheel barrow load of firewood for tonight and the next few days.
        Just hanging out and walkabouts, relaxing with our books for a while until late afternoon and time for happy hour.  Starting off with nibbling on a shrimp cocktail and a couple pepperettes while I fired up our Weber Q.

        I put on a fresh chicken and four packets of sweet potatoes with apple and cinnamon, closed the lid and let our Weber do its work, while we chatted. Then a pot of water for the corn, made some garlic bread with cheese and 75 minutes later the chicken was done to perfection.

so tasty
        Now to toast our rv friends who are 43 years married with, we enjoyed a nice leisurely chicken dinner and oatmeal squares for desert. 
        Then Suzie and Pat whipped up the dishes, while Rob built a nice campfire for us to enjoy on a wonderfully mild evening, winding down another nice summer day.
        Thanks for stopping by, hope you had a great day too!

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  1. It seems some days we don't have a lot on our agenda either. Sometimes that's good and sometimes not so much. Enjoy your leisure day.

  2. Congrats to the Anniversary couple! You sure made a great looking dinner for them.

    I have the same Weber Grill and I'm just wondering what setting you put the gas at - i.e. high vs low. I think I'd like to start using ours like you do for a lot of these meals but I've never been sure what setting to use so I can leave it alone without peeking all the time.

    1. The recipe for chicken on the Weber is on the recipe tab link is below.
      The trick is to preheat the grill on hi about 10- 15 minutes then turn town to med low about 2-3 notches from the lowest setting , set chicken right on the grill and keep lid closed as much as possible.
      near the end of cooking I will lift the chicken with tongs to drain fat from the inside of chicken, be careful grill will flair up for a couple seconds, then return to grill and close lid.

      Large boneless pork loin roast about the same but about 45 minutes internal temp 160f

      Happy Grilling.


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