Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sun. July 31st More fun..

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer, since August 2006

        Another sunny day, and its gonna be hot. So we are up early and over to visit my daughter, son in law and the kids at their rental trailer. Play with the kids for a bit then head to the clubhouse for an adult breakfast at 8:30 (the grandkids already had theirs). A pretty good deal, ham, eggs, toast, coffee and juice only $4.00 while the kids had fun with the toys there.
Kids played while we had breaky

After this the guys went to play a round of mini golf, perfect for a sunday morning.
fun mini golf

        By this time the weather was getting pretty hot (30c, 37c humidex or 100f) so we are off to cool down and have fun in the pool until it closes down at noon for an adult swim (1hr).
cooling down in the pool

       After this Kim and Brian packed up the car to get ready to head out then back to our place we fired up the barbie to grill some hamburgs and hot dogs for their lunch and relax in the shade a bit.
Grandad will you be bored after we are gone?

        After some good byes, they were on the road about 1:30 pm planning to get back together again soon. The one grandson was concerned that we would be bored after they left, we had to assure him that would not be the case. Now we can put our feet up and relax with our books after a busy fun two days with three active young grandchildren. At 4:pm we did have the energy to visit Rob and Pat for happy hour then fired up our barbie to grill a tasty burger and chips for a light supper.
        After supper relax a bit more with our books before joining our the neighbours at their campfire and strawberry shortcakes for desert. Then called it a night after a great family weekend.
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  1. Fabulous! Nice visiting with the kids and grandkids!

  2. Yeppir Louise:
    lotsa fun, but they wear us out!


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