Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Monday, July 11, 2011

Sun. July 10th, Wow we did it!!!!

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        Happy Anniversary to us, to Suzie, my wife, my companion and amazing friend! We met 21 years ago and got married 18 years ago today and what an amazing 18 years they have been! From not having much money and working hard, now being retired, living in our rv fulltime since 2006 and still not much money but boy are we having a ball. Together 24/7 with less than 300 square feet of living space and we are still together. We won't have it any other way. Travel North America, follow the sun, meet so many interesting people and visit friends and family, keeps us busy.

        To celebrate this event we decided to go a see the Donny and Marie Show Live in downtown Toronto and it just happens to be a matinee on the day of our anniversary.!
heading downtown

Donny and Marie

       We bought the show tickets quite a while ago, then decided to book a room in downtown Toronto. Now trying to find a reasonably priced room in Toronto is not and easy task, but thanks to my daughter Kim we got a deal. There was a sell off of a room deal on WagJag for the Toronto Hilton and we bought a package deal. $169.00 for the room for one night sound like a deal? Well the room is usually well over $200.00  by itself. With this package we got a $25.00 gift certificate for the Eaton's Centre, (we used that towards supper). Two complementary alcoholic drinks at the bar in the hotel. ($10.00 each) and a breakfast buffet for each of us $28. 00 each. We are not used to city prices, so we actually got the room for $68.00. Pricey food and drinks but thats the way things are and we did enjoy the whole deal!
Toronto Hilton

       We had a nice mini suite on the 17th floor over looking Nathan Phillips Square ( the new city Hall) and we could even see the old city hall as well. The theatre was right next door so was very convenient. We had phoned my son Ken and his girlfriend Jane (they live downtown Toronto). They agreed to meet us after the show and we could walk together to the Eaton's Centre and Mr Greeenjeans restaurant and bar for supper. Here we enjoyed some beverages, chatting and a delicious meal.

       Afterwards we walked about some more along Yonge street, and Dundas Square, past the Bus Terminal and back to our hotel. Its been a while since I was in this area, I worked at the Toronto Bus Terminal from 1967 to 1970 when I was transferred to the Kitchener terminal. Ken and Jane walked us back to our Hotel then they just hopped on a street car and returned home.
Ken took our picture, CN tower in the background

Jane took a picture of Ken taking a picture of us
         Sure was nice to have them join us for supper on our anniversary! We enjoyed our free drink at the bar then retired to our room and watched a sunset behind some skyscrapers in the big city.

        Monday morning we are up early as usual and went for our free breakfast buffet, retrieved the car from the parking garage and back to Aurora to pick up our house.  And you know something as nice a time as we had we missed out tiny house! And campsites in the country.
Sundays Pictures

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  1. Sounds like you had perfect day. Such a deal re the hotel. How was the performance, you never mentioned it?

  2. Contessa:
    The performance was fantastic! From 2pm until 4:30, the two of them did a few skits and songs. Marie did over 1 hour by herself and had us roaring with laughter, she does have an amazing voice. Donny did a few small skits and songs and of course the band and dancers were great too.

  3. Wow! Looks like fun! Toronto's pretty busy though! We're kinda used to living here in Hooterville now, no crowds, no skyscrapers, no nothing except for nature!

  4. Happy to hear that you had a great anniversary together. It is always nice to splurge every once in a while. With everything you got it sounded like a pretty good deal.

    Happy Anniversary again!

    Kevin and Ruth

  5. Hey Sis::
    we love the country and small towns, big cities not for us anymore , but we did have fun!!

  6. Kevin and Ruth:
    Yeah was a pretty good deal and a great time. Glad we don't do it too often thou, might have to go back to work!!! Thanks again for the wishes.


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