Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Friday, July 22, 2011

Thurs. July 22nd , Yep its hot!

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        Some say it's too hot and unbearable, but I think its not too bad. Our temperatures today reached 34c (93f) or 45c (113f) with the humidity. What's nice about this is we are in a campground, big shade trees, a nice breeze, no hot buildings, cement, pavement or vehicles. Much cooler than the big cities.

        The thing thats really nice about this weather is the different ways to keep cool. Sure beats trying to warm up on a cold winter day! Early morning walkabouts and realize it gonna be hot, we make sure we drink plenty of water. Have a nice warm shower, this cools you off pretty good. Wear some light loose fitting clothes and don't do anything too physically demanding. So we can sit in the shade with our books, a light breeze, cool drinks and fresh fruit. Then we can take a short walk to the pool, and soak there, cool down and chat with fellow campers for a while.
where we spent most of the day

        Then back to the shade read for a while, more water and fruit, at first it feels chilly, but we warmed up and an hour or so later back to the pool, then before we know it 4:30pm. So back home to change, and Happy Hour evolves as Ron and Tammy, Emile and Monique dropped by to chat in the shade for a while.

        Now its time to fire up our barbie and grill a tasty hamburger, with some cold potato salad for supper. We finally did turn on our air-conditioner to cool our house down for later tonight. After supper back outside to read until its too dark then in to watch a bit of tv before calling it another awesome summer day.

        Hope you found some fun ways to cool down as well.
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  1. We feel the same way. I think it is more fun trying to think of ways to cool down rather than warm up. We are loving the hot weather. Isn't this what summer is about?

    Kevin and Ruth

  2. Kevin and Ruth:
    Yes this is what summer is about, just love it!

  3. Contessa:
    You would get warmed up pretty quick here!


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