Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mon. July 25th Not our lucky day.

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        Overnight it rained and it poured, normally we don't mind but we are on the road Tues. morning and now everything is all wet, (just the awning and mats) and it rained until mid afternoon as well. After coffees and computing I did a load of laundry while Suzy vacuumed and dusted our small house.

What went wrong today?
1: Internet quit.
2: Took a long drive to fix it.
3: Flood our coach.
4: Burn supper.

1: and 2:
        Then we had a bite to eat for lunch and I found our internet system was not working. Normally if there is a problem we just reset our I-Coach wireless system and all is good. so After and hour Suzie called Tech support for I-Coach after a few tests new upgrades were in order for our system. Their facility just happens to be in Lindsay 45 minutes away so we will make a quick in the car. Its 1pm and they close at 3. So we hop in the car heading cross country, raining hard and not familiar with the road and we ended up nearly back here by almost 2pm. Suzie had her laptop so opened up Streets and trips and plotted the new correct course to their facility. We did take a very scenic route but got there by 2:40pm.
our scenic route today

        So Tech support was Andrew and get to work with the upgrades and we were on the road back home by 3 pm. Arriving home just in time for John and Barb's arrival for happy hour. At this time the sun finally came out and began drying things up. A nice visit with them then we took a short walk to visit with Pat and Norm who just arrived today, have not seen them since last summer. Now back home think we will roll up our mats, and awning while dry and sunny, dump our sewage then put pizza in the oven for supper.

3 and 4:
        After dumping and rinsing our black water tank I turned on the backflush system again and forgot to shut it off, and we while chatting with a new neighbour and waiting for the pizza to cook I managed to partially flood our coach again! We came in to check the pizza and can smell it burning. Suzie notices a wet floor in the bathroom. So pull the pizza out of the oven and we set to work mopping up the water from the mess I made. Then we sat down to eat beautiful pizza I mad but burnt on the bottom. Not quite sure how that happened as I have made so many before.

        So now think we will relax outside with a beverage and read for a while before calling it an "Interesting" day. Hope your day went better.
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  1. Another one of those rough retirement days. Hope today is better!!!

  2. if that is the worst that happened then it wasn't too bad a day afterall...

  3. heyduke 50:
    Not too bad just was a comedy of errors!!

  4. Rick and Elaine:
    Retirement is tough but we can handle it, just make life interesting!

  5. Good thing you aren't at work, that would have only made matters worse. Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

    Kevin and Ruth

  6. Kevin and Ruth:
    not "work" that would never do!

  7. One down day out of 365 is great odds!! You hung in and still got to eat your pie:-(

  8. Contessa:
    Not too bad and the pizza was only burnt on the bottom.


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