Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sat. July 30 Water Wars

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        Another hot summer day. Up early coffee and computing then at 8:00am two grandosns knocked on the door. Good morning Grandad and Gramma, " Mom said you can come over now". Love it , so off we go to their trailer, hang out, more coffee then down to see what time the pool opens. Not until 10:00am so we checked out the craft and bake sale at the clubhouse, lotsa great stuff for sale and to eat. And of course a stop at one of the many playgrounds to play.
big tire
        The boys went swimming with Brian then Suzie and I puttered around a bit, got some strawberries and shortcake for desert at supper time.

        After lunch "Water wars" in the campground. Joe the manager rides around in the back of his pick up with a huge water gun and a few hundred gallons of water. The kids open fire on them with whatever they have, some have super soakers, water hoses, buckets of water, you name it. The point is to cool down and have fun on this hot humid day. Works just great, everybody that wanted to got soaked did, and cooled down.
Water Wars

        Then we heated up again and all went swimming in the outside pool.
outdoor pool


        Back Home to cook supper on the large BBQ at their rental. Pork chops marinated in cranberries and orange juice, mini potatoes and fresh corn on the cob and strawberry shortcake for desert.
yummy supper

Happy Birthday

        Followed by a wagon ride around the resort, Andrew's birthday gift, a campfire and smores. Until all of a sudden it began to rain about 10:00pm. Time to call it a day anyway on a fun filled day at the resort.
Wagon Ride

Dinosaur present


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  1. I think that $80.00 is reasonable. sounds like a great RV park orientated to campers and especially kids. I haven't read of many places that cater to families like that.

  2. Contessa:
    Yes not a bad price and great park for kids, even us adults (big kids) too!


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