Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mon. July 18th, Finally got a Weber!

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        Another great hot day, the campground, the shade trees, even the pool . Morning coffees, walkabout and putter around. I thought its a nice day and I would check out our BBQ, clean it up a bit. As I began inspecting it my thoughts we confirmed, the burner is shot. And the cast iron smoker plate is almost due to be replaced. So rather than spend more money on this grill I researched and found the the Weber Q 100 was on sale at Home Depot and they had 14 in stock at the Peterborough store. So after reading many reviews and on this grill and talking to many rver's that have one, decided that this would be a worthwhile investment, considering our love of barbecuing. Its a good quality, compact enough, reliable and cooks evenly with no flair-ups. The best part was that it was on sale $30.00 off! ($149.00) Now I realize that we might have gotten it a bit cheaper later in the season or in the states, but I really need my grill to cook our favorite foods now. A quick drive to Peterborough and back we now had a new Barbie!!
Weber Q 100

       Once I returned home at 2:00pm Suzie was waiting for me to go for a swim in the pool. Now, you know its hot when she wants to go for a swim, so even before I could unpack our new barbie we went for a nice refreshing dip in the not too busy pool.
nice pool

       After our dip on the pool, back home to assemble the barbie and read the manuals. Can hardly wait to use it, but will have to wait until tomorrow,  a cold supper tonight. We read for a while then at 4pm joined John and Barb for a Happy/Social hour before supper. Shortly after we got there the skies got real dark then thunder and lightning precluded a heavy rain storm that lasted about 10 minutes, we just moved to shelter under the front of their 5th wheel trailer to wait it out, can't let a bit of rain ruin happy hour!
shelter from the rain

        The rain stopped and the sun came back out and its still hot, so we finally headed home for a nice light supper of 1/2 a cold rotisserie chicken (we had in our freezer), with potato, a tossed salad and a fresh crusty roll.
tasty supper

        After supper back outside to read for a while until it became too dark, then inside we just in time to  witness the storm front. Thunder and lightning (a great light show) then a very heavy downpour. Then of course the electricity went out, but no problem for us, we just switched on our inverter to run everything on battery power until bedtime.

       Now tomorrow I get to cook on our new Barbie, can't wait.
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  1. Sounds like anothr perfect day in paradise. You won't be sorry that you got the Weber, as you know Kevin loves it. Have fun cooking on it.

    Kevin and Ruth

  2. Kevin and Ruth:
    Yes love the perfect day and I love cooking especially on a good BBQ. I am sure I will enjoy it!


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