Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wed. July.20th Weather getting hottter

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        A sunny, warm morning we are just loving this weather, shorts, T shirts, sandals, but once in a while we have to do laundry, a couple of small loads today. The storm took out one of the new washing machines the other day in the park, so Suzie sorted it and I took to the laundromat in Lakefield. The one nice thing about here is I can get two loads washed and dried in only 40 minutes compared to 90 minutes in the campground. While in town I picked up a few groceries as well so it was a productive trip.

        Back home  to putter around a bit, chat with some neighbors then a bite to eat for lunch. Afterwards we can enjoy a nice shady spot under the trees with our books and of course drinking lots of water.
nice cool spot

        Then a nice refreshing dip in the pool to freshen up and back read a bit more before I fired up our new barbie to cook a whole chicken. While it was grilling we visited Emile and Monique across the road, for happy hour, just keeping an eye on our grill. We caught up with each other having camped with them this past winter in Louisiana, Alabama, and Rock Glen Resort.
Emile and Monique

        Now according to the directions that came with our new Weber Q100 I placed a whole chicken directly on the preheated grill and closed the lid for one and 15 minutes and there perfectly done was a tasty, moist chicken, no flare-up. Now I am really impressed with this grill, I have never used one that cooked so evenly, especially a whole fresh chicken, and no flareups, this is a quality grill for sure. To round off our supper I made a rice pilaf with lotsa veggies.
perfect chicken

        Before supper we actually turned on our air conditioner (it was 35c-95f in our coach). After supper another dip in the pool (did I say I love this hot weather?) then back to Emile and Moniques for a campfire with her daughter and grandaughter.
starting the fire

        Now with the campfire going (we don't need the heat) it adds to the camping experience especially for a four year old girl. We chatted and played and when the coals were ready made some spider dogs and roasted marshmallows just to round off a another perfect camping day.
spider dog
        Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy this weather and keep cool and hydrated, wherever you are.
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  1. Glad you are enjoying your new BBQ. I was thinking yesterday how it would do with a whole chicken. Now we will have to give it a try. The whole chicken here is on sale at $0.99/lb. hard to beat that price.

    Kevin and Ruth

  2. Kevin and Ruth:
    $0.99 a lb love it, can't wait till we head south. Just preheat the grill, then let it cool a bit on low and put the chicken in the middle, lid down about 75 minutes done! perfect.


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