Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tues. July 12th Buckhorn Ontario

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        Today is going to be sunny and hot! At 7:am its 22c (70f) and over 32c (90f) later on, now thats how I like summer. We had our morning coffees, computing and chatted with our hosts Dave and Sharry-lynn, thanking them so much for the parking spot, tasty supper and a great visit. Have I mentioned before that it sure is nice to visit friends and relatives, especially when we can bring our own house along and park in their driveway.

        We were on the road by 10:00 am and had a nice relaxing drive to Galvin Bay Resort only 106 kms (64 miles) just south of Buckhorn Ontario. Cottage country north/east of Toronto.
todays journey
The first time in the area this summer it's nice to be here once again. Galvin Bay is our home park for our  Coast to Coast membership so we have been camping here free for the last 11 years. We checked in and met the new owners of the resort and set up on a nice site. We will be here for two weeks. looking forward to a relaxing time here.
Galvin Bay Resort

       As we entered the resort we noticed a few trees had been cut down and a local carver was creating wonderful bear carvings with the stumps. A lovely welcome to the resort.
Bear carvings

       We had lunch then set up camp and relaxed for a while. I took the short trip to town (Buckhorn) to check out the scenery (lift locks etc.. on the Trent Severn Waterway) and pick up some chicken for supper.
boats at the lift lock

restaurant patio by the lift lock

        Back home we relaxed in the shade with a nice breeze, our books and a cool beverage. We chatted with a couple of neighbours, then fired up the barbie for some grilled chicken, accompanied by potato and tossed salads a nice summer time meal.
yummy supper

        After supper back outside to read until it got too dark (close to 9:00 pm) as the hot sweltering day cooled enough to be comfortable for sleeping.

        Did I mention we love summer time??

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  1. Can't think of a nicer spot to spend 2 weeks for free! Can you get a close up of one of the carvings sometime in the next few weeks? Gracias!

  2. George, you are going to have to explain to me how you camp Coast to Coast for free. We pay $10 a night on Coast to Coast.

  3. Daryl:
    Not a problem , Galvin Bay is out home park , the maintenance fees allow us free camping all season , two weeks in one week out, good deal!!


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