Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Wed. July 6th, Let's Stain the Boathouse

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        I had told my sister that we could stain the boathouse when we invited ourselves to their house  for a few days, so today was the day, we hoped. Overnight was nice and warm, we can sleep with the windows open for a cool breeze. Early morning is calm, computing and coffees getting ready to start staining the boathouse, its bit overcast.
morning view
        Well at 9:00am the four of us are ready, open the paint and start cutting in the shady side, a few minutes later a light rain starts, so I cleaned up the brushes and we do some other stuff, waiting for the rain to stop.
before staining
        At 11:00 we are going to start again but another light rain, so we have a bite to eat, chat for a while and by 12:30 the sun comes out and the rains have stopped. I had hopped to be done by noon.
first side done
        Now team work helps, the first side was cut in before the rain started so Lou, Paul and Suzie continued to do the rest of the boathouse and I began rolling. The weather held out, mostly sunny with a nice breeze and we managed to paint in the shade as it kept moving.
trimming the front
racing the sun

moving right along
getting er done
        Its looking pretty good cleaning things up and sealing the wood. By 2:30 we were done, two hours for a nice staining job. Clean up about another 20 minutes then we can relax.
looking good

really relax in a Mexcican hammock

        Have a beverage, a light snack and chat looking out over the lake and enjoying the view. Then eventually its time for supper, tonight we have some baked maple salmon skewers, steamed rice, pasta salad and a tossed salad all prepared and served by my sister Chef Louise.
        Now with a great day and tasty meal done we can sit on the lower deck for a bit and decide to call it an early night after such a busy day. Paul has to leave about 5:00 am for Toronto to work the Honda Indy for the first of 4 days, he uses his experience as a firefighter and trainer at the Toronto Airport.
more relaxing
Now a nice sunset over the lake to wrap it all up.
clear skies
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  1. Great job! Thanks guys for the help with the boathouse staining! Looks great!

  2. What a great group effort on the staining job. Looks real good and so did dinner.

    Kevin and Ruth

  3. Kevin and Ruth:
    A group activity like this is fun and goes quickly, nice to visit and help out when we can. And yes dinner was awesome!

  4. Louise:
    Yeah sis had a great time and supper was awesome thanks for feeding us!


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