Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, September 20, 2019

Now more of this return to summer weather, before we fall into fall. Expensive beer prices.

Where are we today ? 
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     Another peaceful night and good sleep. After a a late supper of popcorn while watching the tube and heading to bed. Up before the sunrise as usual and waiting for it to get up to warm the  outside air and head out for a nice walkabout town. Looks like the forecast for today through Sunday will be the last of this wonderful hot summer weather. 75F today and feels like 86 , tomorrow and Sunday will feels like 93F . Got to enjoy it while we can !
love the morning mist across the yard here
     Heading into town managed to catch this bunny scooting across the road into the bush. nice to see some tame wildlife here when out and about.
wildlife spotting
going to be an awesome day.
      Finally spotted this machine the township brings into the village travelling along the sidewalks and grinds down some of the uneven  cracks that people can trip on. does a wonderful job.
heading down the sidewalks doing some grinding
    Then just after 9:30 am I headed into new Hamburg to make 5 quick stops. A few Groceries at No Frills, Hemerich hearing for hearing aide supplies for the winter. Dollar Haven to pick up 8 Christmas cards and 3 birthday cards before we head south. The Health food store for some Healthy stuff and the Beer store for my special priced Laker Beer $64.00 for 48 bottles.  Now look at the other beer specials no where near the kind of deal we get with Laker.
this is a deal?
and Coors light $6.00 off
last time  bought this in Niagara falls New York
was $18.99 for 36 including a nice cooler bag.
    Back home by 10:30 made Suzie a quick bite to eat and she headed of to help SIL Sandy secure a bunch of her Dads puzzles he wants mounted and framed.
Now some relaxing in the shade just because I can
enjoying the peaceful very warm sunny day
Immersed in my page turner. This is the life.
     When Suzie got back I took our 5 gallon water jug to the Home hardware store in town here, and refilled it with RO water. Also checked out the addition of the LCBO (Liquor store) area they are setting up. And walk in Beer cooler. A first for Plattsville and so nice to see the laws here in Ontario are allowing these local agencies to open up outside of the government run locations. The products will be sold at the same price but more convenient to small town locations. 
      We enjoyed a quiet happy hour before firing up our Weber Q to grill some Turkey Garlic sausage to go with our salad for tonights supper. And a perfect very warm late summer day but no pool, it is closed for the season.
pool done for this year
the play yard looks good
we are comfortable here in the shade
the leaves are starting to turn color
   Soon time to whip up supper a couple of very tasty Farmer's Turkey garlic sausage we really enjoy, lean and lots of garlic just the way we love it!
not long these are grilled so tasty and juicy
very tender
added to our salad and a couple pieces of bread leftover
 from lunch yesterday
sure hit the spot.
after supper outside  was getting squirely  here  
      Then the mosquitoes decided to join us, hmm put our citronella torch out and they left us alone  for now. At least we can enjoy more of this very warm weather outside this evening.
this seems to work pretty good,
no more skeeters!
         Last night before heading inside I managed to catch a nice sunset across the road over the bean field by the Nith river.
not bad at all
   Another wonderful day here at Camp Awesome getting a few more things taken care of and enjoyed this amazing warm weather while we can.
    Thanks for dropping by and hope you enjoyed wonderful day as well.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. This is the first time I hear about that machine that grinds down uneven cracks so people will not fall.

    I had no idea Coors Light sold in 36 packs. For some reason, in this area of West Texas, they don't even sell them in 30 packs. I have to wait until I get to Sanderson (120 miles away) or Alpine (204 miles) to be able to purchase it on my way to Terlingua.

    What is RO water? Have not been able to find turkey garlic sausage here, it looks tasty.

    Loved your sunset picture.

    1. I have seen what the machine but never seen it before does a wonderful job.
      We have seen and usually by the 30 packs depending where we can find them. usually Texas only 24 packs.
      RO water is purified Reverse Osmosis water we buy pretty well every where, especially in the desert. Most Walmarts sell it at a dispenser usually at the rear of the store.
      This Turkey Garlic sausage we have only found here , I will be going tomorrow to stock up some more before heading south. We love it !
      It was a nice sunset rare when we can see them here in the bush.

  2. oh boy...I would not drink for that price. We must be spoiled in Arizona and not know it!

    1. Some of them are very pricey, especially in cans , littles ae cheaper. We love the prices when we get back to Arizona, or most any state for that matter

  3. Looks like a nice day even if you found it warm. I know that sausage must be good I have looked around here to not to be found. Nice sunset shot.

    1. JO the weather was perfect and will enjoy it while we can. As you know we love this sausage but have only for this at the Hilltop Poultry Farms Butcher made right there, not sold in stores.

  4. Ouch those beer prices!! I know in some states if they sell beer in the grocery store the alcohol content is 3.2% vs the 5% or so. Just wondering if that might be the same in these little shops there or will it be the same? You certainly are getting things done for your trip! Love that dinner...yum

    1. Yes we have to deal with that here in Canada and some areas even more expensive.
      The grocery stores here will be selling the same products same alcohol content .
      Yes we are getting things ready to head south only 25 days to go.
      Thanks guys dinner was very tasty.

  5. Bud Light 24 pack here in Mexico, not on sale is $17 U.S. Alcohol level is 4.2%

    1. That sure beat the prices here, can't wait until we head across the border soon.

  6. Your beer price was a bargain! Our price is around $48 for a 30 pack, and that is on special. Prices are high in Aus. compared to yours for most things. Enjoy your lovely weather while you can.

  7. Yes your prices are higher on most things there I realize that, Thanks Rosie, we are enjoying this weather as much as possible,

  8. Lucky you an get Christmas cards this early. None of our dollar stores carry them this early. I usually buy them in November and keep them for now when I need to dot hem before we leave.

    1. There is one store in new Hamburg that always has them early, Nice to have them when we need them


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