Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, September 02, 2019

Sunday BBQ with daughter and grands, relocating today just because we love to keep moving .

Where are we today ?
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    This will start with our Sunday visit we went to visit with daughter #2 and the grands for a Sunday BBQ. always nice to see them when we can they are only 10 minutes away from us in Plattsville but always very busy with work their 4 children and she also does day care for 5 more, she loves kids!
    Arrived about 4 pm and inside to chat and visit, was still drizzling a bit so not really a day to socialize outside . they do have a very large double wide mobile so lotsa room.
Grand daughter # 3 with her big brother
# 4  grandson
Suzie checking out the dips she has for the egg rolls
 she made up for us to nibble on
tasty egg roll snacks
nachos with a nice salsa dip yummy 
she still plays shy for a bit
her daddy BBQing supper
Burgers and hot dogs perfect for a sunday BBQ
she is still no sure about me, lol
gotta love her smiles
big brother keeps her occupied 
a very tasty burger for supper plus the snacks
filled us up
think she wants to read me a story
'amazing how well she can talk
full sentences 
hugging her daddy
     Then she she feeds here Guinea pig  like she does every day. So cute.
feeding her guinea pig
not sure what this is but she loves it
gotta love her smiles 
She will only be 2 years old in November and already
talking in full sentences the day care
with other children does wonders
giving gramma a Hug as we are leaving.
   What a wonderful visit we had and so nice to spend time with these guys, they grow up so fast.
    That was our wonderful visit with our daughter and the grands.

Now on Monday Morning

   After a a good night sleep up and raring to to got on Monday morning. No rush today this being a holiday (Labor Day) A good travel day in the morning heading out to Rock Glen Resort only 90 minutes away . Some nice country back roads is the way we like to travel here no traffic yet.
love these quiet back roads 
here we are back at Rock Glen resort
        Pretty quiet now after the long weekend is winding down and everyone heading back to school and work,  we timed it perfectly .
so peaceful here now.
     Now at 3 pm Happy hour evolved , Tucker dragged Gerry over then Joe and Nelly dropped by to visit last well. Walking Choco.
Joe, Nelly and Gerry
Tucker and Choco get their treats
Gerry and Tucker cuddling
     Soon time to  whip up supper Tonight grill couple of boneless skinless chicken breasts on our grill mat with the Bourbon  BBQ sauce we love.
this is so tasty love this BBQ sauce
griiled an orange pepper to go with it
sure hit the spot
        Reading outside after supper Mike and Lore-Beth (Dorthy's Daughter) stopped by to drop off a few more garden fresh tomatoes for us and we chatted for a while. 
Mike and Lore-Beth
thanks for the tomatoes and visit guys
    Now to relax for the rest of the evening and soon call it a night . We have a busy day tomorrow so need our rest. 
    Glad that you came by for a visit and hope you had a wonderful day as well.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. What a great day! GD #3 can sure light up a room with her eyes and smile. Between lunch and dinner you certainly had some great BBQ today.

    1. Thanks Jeff it sure was a lot of fun, here smile and eyes really do light up the room, We did enjoy some great food 2 days in a row.

  2. George, at what point during barbecuing the chicken do you apply the bourbon BBQ sauce? When I've put it on too soon in the past, it seems to char or burn. In case we lose electricity with Dorian coming up the coast toward Charleston, we will be doing a lot of grilling until electric is restored.

    1. The BBQ sauce or anything with sugar will burn , so once the meat is cooker, brush the sauce on fir a few minutes to coats it and heat through.b Gppd luck with your electricity , and hopefully you will have no issues with Dorian.

  3. I can not believe how much your precious granddaughter has grown since the last time you posted a picture of her on your blog.

    All that food makes me hungry even though I had a HUGE salad for dinner. It always seems like the first to welcome you back are Gerry and Tucker.

    1. They do grow so fast even more each time we see her.
      The food was tasty m but the salad is better for you, lol.
      Gerry dropped by 10 minutes after we pulled in while setting up, Their trailer is not far from us.

  4. Love how the big brother looks after that beautiful baby. And my how she has grown. You all look like you had a wonderful visit.
    I have been dying for BBQ, today in the produce dept. I was talking to the guy there and he said he throws his stuff on the grill and runs back in the house to watch it from the window in his nice cold house. LOL Might have to give that a try

    1. It is so nice that they get along and play so well, brings back memories of me as a young teenager and my brand new baby brother, he was my side kick for years.
      You can do that quite easily it if is too hot outside, I used to BBQ like that here in the winter, put stuff on and watch it from inside the warm house.

  5. What a great smile your granddaughter has. She's a cutie for sure!! I love how Brother takes care of her!!
    Your daughter sure knows how to put on a spread for lunch!!

    1. She is a cutie`e love her smile. And they do play together quite well. She does great job with food, she started working in the restaurant at 8 years old, first with me then her mother's restaurant as well.

  6. Looked like a fun day. Hard to beat burgers and dawgs

    1. It was a fun day and the burger's and dog a wonderful meal , like you said hard to beat.

  7. Granddaughter #3 just keeps getting cuter and cuter! They all grow so quickly don't they?! Food looks delicious and what a fun time you had. I know Tucker's happy Suzie is back to do a little spoiling! How nice more fresh veggies!

    1. They do grow so fast, hard to keep up with them. We had a great time and nic to see Tucker again as well.


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