Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Hilltop Acres, Turkey Garlic Sausage, and hockey practice. Tis the season,

Where are we today ? 
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      Hmm not such a good sleep last night for some reason I was mostly awake from 2:30 until 5 am when I finally fell asleep again finally getting up at 7:30 am ! But now feel well rested .
      Shortly after 8:30 I dropped Suzie off at her brother's she is going to help her Dad build more frames for the 6 more puzzles he has completed.
     From there I headed off to Hilltop Acres Poultry Products 35 minutes away. To pick up 2 lbs of Turkey Garlic sausage for us (winter supply) and 4 lbs for our friend John at Rock Glen resort, we will be there Monday morning. This is the only place I have found these tasty sausage made and sold only right here
this be the place out at their farm
fall is in the air
fall flowers and pumpkins
     In the store and busy as usual checking out all the interesting products they have.
produce and pies
fresh eggs
and all the poultry products you can think of
fresh sausage being bagged up for me
they have lots of varieties too
lots of cars coming and going
         Left there and back home to put the sausage in our fridge then pick up Suzie Shortly after 11:am and back here for a light lunch. Then at 12 noon to the Plattsville area. Hockey practice for Grandson # 4.  he really loves his hockey.
         Arrived at the arena 4 blocks away as the Zamboni was flooding the ice in time for his team.
the Zamboni
doing their stretches
this be him skating well as usual only his second time
 on the ice this season and new skates
he keeps growing
easy to spot him
then daughter # 2 and granddaughter #3
watching him play, her hair is really growing
Hi Grandad, she just woke up
         Did not take long and she is warming up to us again.
peek a boo, what a cutie
        Then she wanted to go for a walk with me holding my hand this is the first time. Will be 2 years old later this fall.
a country girl barefoot as usual
discussing plays with the coach
typical resting position
      Then she wanted me to play cars with her. I rolled them out usually past her and she brought them right back to me again 2 cars.
this kept us busy for about a 1/2  hour
kept her running and probably tired her out,
I know it did me
     When they were done headed they headed home and so did we to relax in the afternoon shade, 82F feels like 93F another perfect summer day, fall is only 2 days away. We enjoyed our e-readers and a nice quiet Happy hour then soon time to whip up supper.
another perfect late summer day
     Tonight going to grill a couple of Turkey Burgers (with Onion and Parsley) from Hayters Turkey Farm in  Dashwood Ontario. These we really enjoy.
the turkey garlic sausage I bought today
2 lbs on the left for us and 4 lbs for John
   Also picked up a small piece of Turkey summer sausage to try out, this was excellent! Need to get more next time I go there.
this summer sausage was excellent
       Then to grill our Turkey burgers  for supper, 2 english muffins heating there in foil on the side.
not long these were wonderful.
that was all we needed for supper tonight
filled us up as usual
   After supper we enjoyed more wonderful weather outside while we can. Too soon it will be too cool to do this. Until we begin our journey south following the sun.
   Glad that y'all dropped on by for a peak and as usual hope you enjoyed your day as well.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. If I am ever in Canada (now that I know that it is not COLD in the summer) I am going to make sure to stop at Hilltop Acres Poultry Products they seem to have a wonderful variety of sausages.

    Glad you were able to attend grandson #4 Hockey practice, bet he loved having his grandparents there. Granddaughter #3 is just growing by leaps and bounds!

    Just loved the tender pictures of you holding her hand as you walked with her. A lot of us "older folks" wish we had had the modern technology back then to have taken a picture with our grandparents. When she is older she will be able to cherish them.

    1. You would love the weather here in the summer, I know we do. The poultry product they have there are excellent and the sausages too. Nice to see him back into hickey again I know he loves it.
      She sure is growing and the photos are wonderful memories to cherish. I am lucky I do have some photos of my family and grandparents back in the day.

  2. Lady Summer sure is showing us a great time!

  3. HOCKEY! It's about time, and of course it's also time for you to get out of the cold. GS looks good on the ice. GD looks good everywhere!

    1. Yes hockey season signals the time to get ready to head south soon. They do look good and so nice to see everyone again.

  4. Fun to be around the grand kids. Baby sure is cute and to let you walk with her hand in hand is adorable.
    That sausage looks so good.

    1. Always fun to be with the grands, She is a cutie and has warmed up to me nicely.
      The sausage is excellent, an smell the garlic yum..

  5. It's so cool you can stock up on such good stuff for the winter. Missy sure is a cutie pie and I think has someone wrapped around her little finger!! Fun to watch the kids play hockey!!

    1. We like to stock up with products we can only get here, always a nice treat for us when away.
      Yes she is a cutie and does steal your heart. Always enjoy watching them play getting exercise and having fun.

  6. Love the pics of you and granddaughter #3, just too precious! Another season for your grandson! They do grow way too quickly don't they?! Love the fall display of pumpkins and plants :) Hilltop Acres looks like a great place to buy all those goodies, and you know what you're getting! You are definitely counting things down preparing for the trip South! Love our turkey burgers too and on an english muffin is perfect!

    1. Thanks guys they do grow so fast. Fall is in the air and yes she is so very precious. Hilltop is a great place for poultry that we love. And the turkey burgers on and english muffin, perfect.

  7. Slowly getting ready to go, speeding time with the grans and collecting special food items.

    1. Yes we are chomping at the bit enjoying the family time, only 24 more days to go.

  8. What a great day you had with granddaughter and hockey game too. The turkey products look good and such a good variety. I think I would have been tired too after such a busy day.

    1. Thanks Rosie it was a wonderful day especially wth the grands. They do have a wonderful variety of great poultry products there.


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