Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Shampooing a bit of carpet and upholstery, getting things done and another fun day.

Where are we today ?
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    Another mild overnight and a decent sleep , up just after 4 am my usual time so that was alright. Got some computing and coffees then start boiling some chicken bones for a pot of soup. Then a nice walkabout looking for a sunrise , and I caught a bit of it. Finish boiling the soup bones added the vegggies and spices to let it simmer for a couple of hours, smelling this soup while I was cleaning.
a nice sunrise thought the trees
         Just after 8 am we started getting ready to steam the bit of carpet around the captains chairs and doge house(Engine cover). All nicely vacuumed with Rob's shop  vac, and got the steam cleaner going. I gave it to Rob and Pat a  couple of years ago when we removed the carpet and installed our vinyl plank flooring. They are camping here right now and brought it along for me to borrow. Got that carpet and upholstery all done, and a couple of small throw rugs as well outside to dry.
this steam cleaner does an awesome job
the dog house and carpets are now almost new again
dated upholstery  looks like new  after 20 years
our Mexico blanket from Mazatalan Mexico 2010
still looks good as well
           That done by 11 am time for some soup for lunch. Then a quick trip to Forest for a few groceries, Passed a large cement truck on the way laying on its side in the ditch. A couple of large tow trucks there to attempt to get it upright, I hope the driver was ok , The cab still looked intact.
Apparently the driver was trapped in side, but was freed and in hospital with non life threatening injuries. The new link is HERE 
loving our home-made chicken soup
cement truck overturned 
2 huge wreckers here to upright him
            Back home I vacuumed the car with Robs nice shop vac. Returned these to him and now 2pm time to sit down and relax a bit. That has been a busy day but got things taken care of.
           At 3 Pm we headed up the hill for Happy hour at Joe's Place. With Rob, Pat, Gerry, Tucker, Ron and Loree, Paul and Judy and a neighbour there Dave (the kite guy). That wanted to check out the interior paint job that Joe did on his 5 th wheel. And it looks amazing! You can check it out if you care by clicking on my posting here from Sept 11th this year.
   We had so much fun and non stop laughing, share stories, heck my belly was hurting. But by 4:30  we were ready to head home, relax a bit and whip up a tasty supper.
Doggie fixes for Suzie, Trucker and Choco
she has treats for them
love this sign, tomorrow never comes.
       I had thrown my old hat by the recycle bin here, John (the maintenance guy) her found it came looking for me, thought it had blown away. He found us and I told him he could have it if he wanted to had to take his picture with me.
John and me
      This is a fun Happy hour at Joe's Place lots of fun conversation and non stop laughs , we had a wonderful time here. thanks Joe.
Joe has a nice place here up the hill.
Joe has this Parrot in a cage that swears like a sailor
lotsa laughs from that  too Nancy.
Mind you not a real parrot like you have
Pat spotted this rainbow that I managed to get a ,
half decent picture of
            Tonight a couple of bone in pork chops to go with our salad really hit the spot.
so tender and juicy only about 2-3 minutes  a side perfect
          My finger today is awesome!
feels so good  almost new again
      A picture of my finger  Dupuytrens's  Contracture from  3 weeks ago.
this was my finger 3 weeks ago.
just before I got the injection.

      A week later I went back and the tight cord has released and the doc straighten my finger. Love it, no pain and no surgery very quick recovery too. I still have to do some exercises for it to completely straighten but no more cramping and pain love it ! and now have full use of this hand and finger.
      I picked up a few pictures of Grand Daughter #3 on the ice with her new skates. She's is doing awesome for only 22 months. Just like her mother and 2 big brothers. Spending their lives at  arenas. I know we have spent countless hours in the last 30 years , plus I even spent even more time back in the 70s and 80s with my 2 older children as well.
she is loving her skates , when they took her off the
 ice she sure did not want out of her skates, LOL.
      Now that was one wonderful productive day, Getting things done a fun Happy hour and a very tasty supper, loving the warm fall weather too.
    Thanks once again for taking the time to stop by and enjoyed your day as well.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. If the cement truck was loaded that will be a heavy load to remove. GD#3 is skating?, seems we just watched her learning to walk.

    1. The cement truck would be hard to move if loaded for sure. She is on the ice in skates that is a good start, amazing how they can grow so quickly.

  2. Hope the driver was OK. You had a productive day. Oh my the baby on ice what a sweetie.

    1. The driver is in the hospital and will be ok, Did get lots done, she ice a sweeties once thanks JO.

  3. That sounds like a very productive day nice to get the carpet and couch taken care of.
    Hope the driver of the cement truck does well. Scary stuff! With that load, there would be no stopping to roll over once it started.
    Cutie pie on ice. :)

    1. It was a good day getting things done.
      It appears the driver will be fine . That rollover would be scary for sure.
      Nice to see here on the ice having fun.

  4. LOVE the parrot. That's the best kind .. it's not a picky eater!! The concrete truck? I'm thinking that guy is fired. In all my years, I've NEVER seen that happen!! I also love the granddaughter on skates. Start them young when they are flexible and not afraid to fall. I never wanted to take my skates off either, and I was in my 20's! LOL

    1. I figured you would enjoy the parrot and no food needed , just batteries. The concrete truck was not a good things to happen glad he is alright at least.
      Starting the skating young is always good, and her mother still has her figures skates and still a very good skater. I loved skating well way back when as well.

  5. Your soup always looks so good and this one is no exception! Your home looks awesome after the cleaning! Nice that it worked that Rob was able to bring "his" cleaner to you :) Granddaughter #3 on ice is just too cute! She must feel really grown up now! Starting them that early is really a good idea!

    1. Thanks ,the soup was so tasty. And nice to get the cleaning done .
      We were gifted the cleaner in California, and does a wonderful job, then gifted it to Rob and Pat they have a house, more storage . It is amazing how grown uo she is at that you age, the older siblings really make and impression on her. And living in arenas most of the year she may as well learn to skate as well.

  6. Your finger looks much better, I'm sure it feels way better for you! Your granddaughter is a sweetie :-)

    1. My finger sure does feel much better, And Yes she is a real sweetie.

  7. Good to get an update on your finger and glad to hear it is doing well.

    Isn't it good to be able to borrow things that were once "yours"? Your house looks great and is now squeaky clean.

    Your precious little granddaughter is a gem...she may have a future on skates like her momma!

    So good someone tried to return your former hat and hope that it will get a new life with another owner.

    At least the guy driving the concrete truck is going to be alright.

    1. Thanks M's B finger is doing wonderful , and to borrow the steam cleaner wes a bibs as well.
      She is a real cutie, and am sure she loves her skating.
      Think John will enjoy may hats nice that he thought I lost it
      Glad that the driver will be alright, maybe unemployed now though .

  8. Another busy day. Good to get the carpets cleaned. Love your tiny granddaughter on the ice. So very cute. Great news on the finger, worth every penny you paid. Do you still wear the splint at night.

    1. It wasps nice busy productive day. Love that she is getting on skates at a young age, perfect time for it. The finger is doing wonderful and like you said worth every penny. I still wear the splint at night until I go back and see the Doc in 2 weeks for a check up and she will assess it then.

  9. That's a different way to mix cement, eh? ;c)

    1. That is a different way probably not too cost effective though.


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