Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, September 16, 2019

Relocating to Plattsville taking a new route and get our coach serviced. Early Birthday meal for Suzie.

Where are we today ? 
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     Another good sleep but woke up extra early today at 4 am (musta slept too late yesterday). So just puttered around no rush. Had an early shower then puttered around getting things ready to go while Suzie had her's as well. Had a few people stop by to say so long for now and hit the road at 9:15 this morning
     We have so many different ways to get to Plattsville and a new route again. All back roads that we like and have found out that they are all paved this year, (Mapplewood Sideroad in particular) So great for taking the motorhome on and new scenery.
wonderful quiet country roads
the soy beans almost ready to harvest
New section Of Maplewood sideroad now paved
almost there in Plattsville
     We arrived at Pettigrew's Garage at 11 am, no parking there yet for us, but no problem, just park across the street until they can make room.
always busy here as usual
    We enjoyed a tasty light lunch, then I whipped into New Hamburg for a few grocery's and pick up a renewed prescription well.
we can wait here as long as it takes
By 2 pm we are in position and have some electricity
they will work on the coach when they can.
       Getting the oil changed , grease job and brakes serviced tomorrow. They will probably start tomorrow morning. So we relaxed a bit more some reading done. 
it was such a wonderful day we set our chairs outside for a while
and enjoyed a bit more of this summer weather.
soon will be gone
we are here for great service as always.
          Now because we can and don't have to make supper tonight are going to the Trails Edge Tavern down the street 2 blocks. For a tasty meal to celebrate Suzie's Birthday, 2 days early (her request). It is on the 18th. They do have excellent food there and great service also pretty quiet on a  Monday night, almost romantic!
local place we enjoy
a beer for me and a nice glass of wine for Suzie 
nice and quiet here right now
         We decided to share bowl of French onion soup to start,
         Suzie ordered a Schnitzel with a caesar salad that she enjoyed.
this was excellent so good
glad we shared it
she loved this was very tasty
      Then for me I had to have the best Chicken wings ever right here.
love these wings and suicide sauce on the side
added my habanero sauce to kick it up more
     Then because it was her birthday celebration she was gifted a very tasty strawberry shortcake   that she let me sample as well.
this too was excellent
       After this wonderful birthday meal for Suzie we walked back home to our coach down the street. And enjoyed a very nice relaxing evening inside . Wrap up this posting and some more reading time inside before watching a show on the t before calling it a night.
a new route today , more quiet backroads
     Just before we headed inside last night at Rock Glen I caught an interesting sunset.
Sunday night's sunset
     That was our wonderful day, relocating, and a fun excellent early birthday meal for Suzie.
    Thanks for dropping by and hope y'all enjoyed a great day as well
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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. Happy almost your birthday Suzie, your dinners looked wonderful!

  2. Nice that you can have an electric hook up while waiting for service.
    Both your dinners look tasty! Happy Birthday Suzie, Fran shares the 18th with you.

    1. They do the work here while we live in our coach as well. The dinners were wonderful. Thanks Jeff and of course a Happy Birthday to Fran as well on the 18th, I know you will treat her well too.

  3. That looked like a nice and quiet restaurant. Both of your dinners looked so good. Happy early birthday celebration Suzie!

    Had to smile when you said you had the suicide sauce but added some more of your habanero sauce to quick it up a notch...:-)

    1. Thanks You M's. B Usually a very busy place , but we went early and it was a Monday night so was much nicer some nights people lineup to get in. They were getting busy when we left at 6 pm.
      You know I do enjoy my hot spicy food.

  4. Looks like a great diner to celebrate Suzie's early Happy Birthday! It all looked so good

    1. Yes JO it was a very tasty dinner we both enjoyed.

  5. Happy Birthday Suzie (tomorrow)!!! Dinner looked awesome!!!

  6. Love those back roads! Happy early Birthday Suzie! Dinner looks awesome and nice pours on the wine and beer! I could taste that wine from here! LOL..

    1. We enjoy the back roads as well, nice scenery and no traffic, Thanks guys dinner was awesome and of course the wine and beer.

  7. You must have been a fire breathing dragon in a previous life to love all that hot sauce! :cD

  8. Wow, what a great way to celebrate! Dinner looks fantastic! Happy Birthday!

  9. Happy birthday to Suzie and your meal looked great, such large serves too. I like it that you can hook up to electricity while waiting for your automotive servicing.

    1. Thank you Rosie, the food there is wonderful.
      They have been real good to us here at Pettigrew's. We can plug in and they can work on it when they have time.


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