Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, September 22, 2019

last day of summer, more fun time with the grands and hockey

Where are we today ?
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     A much better sleep last night and quite warm overnight as well.  Shortly after 8 am I headed our for a nice walkabout town 2 miles in and feeling good. Loving this wonderful warm weather  still.
      Got that taken care of then a quick trip to New Hamburg to pick up a chicken on sale (2 bucks a pound, better than 4 bucks!) at Sobeys this we will probably cook on Monday when back at Rock Glen Resort. Also some mini sizzler breakfast sausage we like on sale for 1/2 price, I will use to make sausage rolls in a few weeks will some friends pot luck in New York.
a few more trees turning color telling us fall is around a short  corner
actually begins here at 3:50 am Tomorrow
hard to believe with this weather.
          Back home shortly after 10 am and you know it is a hot day when you see Suzie outside in shorts. By noon it was 81 F feeling like 91F perfect for a relaxing Sunday afternoon in the shade.
a nice warm shady spot
    We enjoyed a light tasty lunch putter around for a bit and enjoy our page turners in the shade with a light breeze.
another perfect day enjoy our last day here this year
lawn mowing all done until the spri
    A bit later a quiet Happy Hour then an early supper today. Grandson #4 has an exhibition hockey game at 5:30 in the Plattsville arena. We are here and just have to go, because we can.
     While its was wonderfully warm our here the mosquitoes liked it too. So our citronella torch took care of that very nicely.
this does keep the skeeters away
     Fired up our weber Q to grill a tasty smoked pork chop for us to share to go with our tasty salad tonight.
just a few minutes to heat it through
I shared with Suzie just enough for supper tonight
     Dishes done and got to the arena by 5:30 for the game.
GS#4 is number 66
face off and ready to play
Granddaughter # 3 with her other grandparents here for the game as well
keeping her busy is a chore sometimes 
     After the game we waited for her brother watching the ice being resurfaced. And when the Zamboni finished she actually said "good Bye Zamboni" pretty good for a young lady not even 2 years old yet!
Good Bye Zamboni
     Then as her brother came out of the change room she ran to him for a hug. Now this is brotherly/sister  love!
Our hockey player hugging his baby sister
love it
       Now that was a very good last day here almost over the top. So nice too see the grands and spend some quality time with them.
      We headed back home to relax outside enjoying some more reading and wrap up this posting. We head on our in the morning. Time to move on just because we can.
      Now I just have to share this, my daughter sent me a short video of GD # 3. She will be 2years old in November, But has spent so many hours in Hockey Arenas since she was born. It seems most likely she will be on the ice soon and probably playing hockey. Her Mother was in figure skating for close to 10 years. And they have lived in arenas for most of their lives. 
this a still  from a video she sent me today
hockey skates!
     We enjoyed our last day of summer here and hope you enjoyed your's as well. 
Thanks for taking the time to drop on by.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. Such a cute picture of your grandson and granddaughter!

  2. What an awesome pic of GS and GD! So very awesome! FL had a female goalie for a season, GD may be their next forward! :) she just has to take advantage of that toe-pick.
    great seeing the G-kids having fun1

    1. Thanks Jeff I thought it was too.There is a few female hockey players here none these teams and they see to enjoy the game. No toe pick when playing hockey on these teams.

  3. I love seeing pictures of your grands they are very loving children and they shower the little girl with so much love. The little hocky skates are adorable.

    1. Thanks JO they do really love their little sister. The skates are so cute soon she will be on the ice.

  4. I never knew how much goes into moving from one location to another in an RV until I started watching YouTube videos. Safe trip tomorrow.

    I just loved the picture of GS #4 and his gorgeous little sister...indeed so much love between them...may it last a lifetime!

    Your precious granddaughter is going to be a tall girl just like her daddy.

    1. With our motorhome , not really much of a chore to relocate, just secure a fee things inside, pull in our slide, raise our levelling jacks, hook up the car and go. Pretty simple actually.
      Thanks Ms, B it is a precious picture and they are so close too. I think she will be fairly tall.

  5. With mid 90's coming back later this week, I'm not sure we'll ever have the last day of summer, but I'm so looking forward to it.

    1. It will be cooling down for us a bit now and very comfortable here,

  6. I see circles in your grass! I love that they have her in skates. It's the best time to learn!!

    1. Yes I love doing the circles, no more until the spring now. Yes a perfect time to get her on ice skates.

  7. What??? Summer is gone already? How'd I miss it? :cD

  8. How lovely to spend time with your grandchildren, they certainly love their hockey, even the little one.
    Autumn looks like it is on its way so hope you enjoy it, beautiful colours on the trees. Thanks.

    1. Yes Rosie, we do enjoy spending time with them , and they do love their hockey. Yes Autumn is here and the tress will be giving us a nice colour show.


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