Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, September 09, 2019

More fall weather arriving and a bit warmer today. Enjoying this while we can.

Where are we today ?
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     Cool this morning 52 F at 5 am , then the morning started pretty overcast. Got nice walkabout starting with 1.5 miles, and puttering around at home a bit. Then a country drive for about 1/2 hour on some quiet back roads, and picked up a case of beer,  then enjoyed a light tasty lunch. Another tree is tarting to change colors for the fall.
yup fall is on the way
then this colourful bush love the flowers
         After lunch a quick trip into Arkona to fill or 5 gallon jug of RO water, want to get the heavy lifting stuff done before I go back to the doctor and get my finger straightened tomorrow , hopefully that will go well.
        Now to enjoy a nice warm sunny afternoon 75F  and quite comfortable in the shade. Finished another book and started a new author for me Toby Neal , 4 book set, so I should be reading this series for a while. Getting right into it and caught my interest in the first couple of pages, Wonderful reading  hard to put down.
liking this new aithor
just enjoying the wonderful sunny day
     Shortly after 3 pm Tucker dragged Gerry down here for a short Happy hour with us, Always nice to see these guys and chat for a while.
Tucker hopped right on his chair
waiting for me to get him a treat
looking at me then Suzie
he patiently waits for the signal so he can get his treat
Ok she says in an instant is gone
then go sit on Gerry's lap
      Gerry left and Ken and Kim stopped by for Happy hour , they just pulled into the park a short while ago. Always nice to catch up with these guys.
Ken and Kim
        Shortly after 5 pm I ( went in to prep our Prime rib steak we bought while ago on sale), rare that we eat beef but do love a good steak once in a while and could not turn down a good sale.
we will share this
Suzie gets the lean part in the middle
     I had soaked a couple of cobs of white corn, and on the Weber Q, 2 baked potatoes, fresh mushrooms and onions in the big foil package.
Not long to cook the steaks to perfection
A nice indulgence we both enjoyed
my steak rare and Suzie's medium
oh and my Tabasco Steak sauce I really enjoy
       Relaxing outside after supper and still pretty mild wrapping up this posting. Loree walked by with Freddie and stopped to say hi, it has been a while since we last saw them.
Freddie is a wonderful dog,
so pretty 
Just before posting I noticed a few Motorcycles came in
looks like they playing mini golf
      Another great day and some decent weather we enjoyed  with a few friends. A tasty treat for supper now relaxing outside for a while yet while we can. Tomorrow going back to Stratford in the afternoon to hopefully straighten my baby finger that was injected last Tuesday.
    Thanks again for taking the time to drop on by.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. Wishing you great success with the straightening of your finger. It must have been difficult typing on the keyboard with it being bent. Great that they can do that without surgery.

    1. Thank you Marlene just hoping this works it is a common treatment and better than surgery. That finger still worked and I did not us it much for typing anyway only used about 3 fingers on each hand.

  2. Another nice day for you and doggies for Suzi. Which one of those puppies will end up with the steak bone? ;P
    Best outcome on your finger!

    1. It was a great day and the doggies dropping by, Sorry yo say, nobody got the steak bone.
      Thanks Jeff.

  3. Yet another great diner meal cooked up on the Weber. Wishing you much success on your baby finger tomorrow

    1. Thanks JO it was a very tasty dinner we bothe enjoyed.

  4. It was a pretty nice day yesterday and although rainy for a couple of days here, it will be warm. Not ready for the fall weather quite yet.
    Good pix of Tucker and Gerry. He loves his Daddy. How nice for Kim and Ken to get back for a few days.
    Supper looks great!

    1. Woops! Meant to say Good luck today with your finger straightening.

    2. It was a wonderful day, nice to see gerry, Tucker as well as Ken and Kim .
      Thanks Patsy hope all goes well with that.

  5. Motorcycle group playing miniature golf? I bet they had a good time.
    My right pinkie finger can't seem to hit the SHIFT key. Maybe I need the same treatment! I hope they get yours straightened out for you ... that sure can be a pain when you're trying to type.

    1. Yes they were, seems strange a bunch of biker's playing mini golf.
      Mine is permanently bent and keeps getting worse, I am not a real typist and never used all my fingers so can always make due.

  6. Looks like an excellent dinner. Good idea to get all the heavy lifting out of the way. Best of luck at your medical appointment today.

    1. Thanks Dinner was excellent and the appointment went perfectly.

  7. Mmmmmm!! That steak sure looked good. Hope things go well with your finger. So nice to have friends stop by like you have most days.

    1. Thanks Cheri the steak was wonderful. Different people come and go in the park and nice to catch up with each other when we can. Finger all taken care of feels wonderful.


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