Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, September 07, 2019

Another relaxing day, chatting with campers and doggie fixes.

Where are we today ? 
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       A bit warmer this morning at 56F then by 9 am  65F a  bit overcast and started to drizzle. Got a short walkabout only a mile to start then headed back with the drizzle beginning. Not much again on the agenda. a few walkabouts, nothing to stress my hand, I am supposed to keep it elevated during the day and have to keep reminding myself, no pain etc so don't think about it.  So taking it easy is the routine. Nice that we are settled here for a couple of weeks with nothing much to worry about.
      Most of the day was sunny and a comfortable 74F so we enjoyed that. A few more walkabouts, chat with some people here and there just enjoying the quiet weekend, after the long weekend crowds that we missed.
a pretty perfect day we enjoyed
   Then I thought I would get our pie iron out and make use of it, Normally for a campfire but does work on our Weber gonna make some apple pies, it has been a lot of year's since I did that.
So many things you can make in this
      2  slices of bread , fill with apple pie filling (or anything you like) On the fire or BBQ until toasted and warmed through . Turn over a couple of times.
hey we have camping apple pies
this was so tasty. made another for later
       A bit later Walt dropped by to say hi (he did the flooring in our coach) he was working on a job in the park, was nice that he did stop by.
      Shortly after 3 pm we enjoyed Happy hour then Joe and Choco stopped by to join us. Of course Choc knows the drill , gets treats from Suzie
Doggie fix for Suzie
he likes his treats as most dogs do
      Then he decided he wanted to jump on my lap, and lick me all over, lol He would not stop, got me laughing like crazy and he licked some more.
ok Choco enough time to get down
      Then another visit with Paul, (AJ's father) have not seen him for a while, Love to chat and catch up with him as well.  Then soon was time to whip up supper. Tonight a couple of pan fried pollock fillets on our Weber Q to go with out  usual tasty salad.
not long to fry these naked
(the fish was naked not me)
were quite tasty
this was nice and light tasty sure did the trick tonight
    That was our fun relaxing day we both enjoyed now to enjoy another warm evening outside  until soon head inside a it cools down.
      Glad that y'all dropped on by for a visit and hope you enjoyed your day  as well.

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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. Replies
    1. Great idea for camping or making individual deserts.

  2. The apple pies couldn't be any easier and they really look good.

    1. So easy and tasty, its has been a long time since I made these.

  3. We still use our sandwich makers, but never thought of making an apple pie in one. Great idea! Toasted cheese or grilled tuna are our usual GoTo, but you have opened the door for dessert options.

    1. So many things you can make with these the possibilities are endless.

  4. It was about time you got your own doggie fixes! That is a nice picture of you and Choco :)

    1. Yes it was about time seeing as I always bring the treats out for theses guys.

  5. Great idea with the apple pies. We haven't used our pie iron for a couple of summers.
    Cute picture of you and Choco. He has a cutie pie face.
    Glad you weren't naked cooking the fish - sparks you know!

    1. The apple pies worked well, like you it has been a few years since we used ours. Choco is a cutie for sure.
      Me not naked while cooking don't want to scare the neighbours here, lol..

  6. Choco is so darn cute!!! Now those apple pies ... that's really something. I've never seen a camp cooker like that. Would make a perfect grilled cheese sandwich too ... but that apple ... that's pretty inventive!!

    1. Chico is a cutie These camp pookers are great have been around for years, make lots stuff, Ham and cheese , tuna , pie fillings, pizza etc..., you can use bread, pie dough, tortillas and fill them up.

  7. I must get my Camp Cooker out again. We used to call them Jiff Irons, probably the brand name over here, but my husband said they called them Toasty Toaster, but the same thing really. So many memories of our camping days with my parents and we used to have baked beans in ours too, as well as apples, lots of different fillings were always good in them. Enjoy!

    1. Lots of different names for these and a lot of us have great memories using these for so many years.


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