Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, September 13, 2019

Friday 13th, Move over Port Dover. then to Ipperwash Beach.

Where are we today ? 
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    My new splint overnight worked wonderful kept that finger straight, was comfortable and I got a great sleep. Got the coffees and stuff taken care and then a  nice walkabout around the campground just over a mile to start my day.
    We headed into Strathroy for a few groceries. And yes Suzie came with me another strange happening. She was looking for some new pants and our first stop was Giant Tiger. In 5 minutes she found what she wanted for a good price and bought 2 pairs! So no need to go to Walmart or the Salvation army.
    Next stop was the Real Camadian Super Store. Fill the car there at their pump $1.05 a litre plus I got PC points as well. There was a few items in the store on sale that gave us another 10,000 pc points so another $10.00 of free groceries. Back home before 11 am for a light lunch.
    I had seen on Facebook about a Biker Fest at Ipperwash Beach on the shores of Lake Huron, so took drive there to check it out and this website as well. Clic HERE  Over 4,000 bikers intend to be there. Their has been some issues at the Port Dover Friday the 13th Bike Fest and these people have been looking for an alternative location. Hope it works out for them.
     So I took a short drive there to check it out got there about noon and already quite few hundred Motorcycles there, lining the streets A huge tent set up new by the beach club with a live band just getting going, lots of friendly people and amazing motorcycles. This is their first Friday the 13th and looks like it will be a huge success.
Welcome to Ippwerwash Bike Fest
the bikes are rolling in
     I walked around for about an hour to check out the nice rides. The rain had stopped and a wonderful warm sunny day.
      I walked around about 1.5 miles taking in the sites. so nice that it was close to us where we are camped and hopefully more of these events will happen here.
      The big tent all set up as well as the band soon getting ready to begin playing. Lots of food and beverages being served, lineups for that , looks like they are well prepared for the crowds later on.
not too busy in the tent yet but lots more coming
     I walked down to the beach past the bikes to check out Lake Huron Beach so calm today. We do love the sandy beaches here in Ontarios west coast.
Michigan on the other side of the Lake 
just a few people checking it out right now
      I know I am early and things will really be hopping for the rest of the day. The band plays until 11 pm.
       Nice that I was able to beat the crowds and park around the corner and enjoy seeing all these bikes.
       That was my early fun for the day and have really enjoyed it. Now back home to relax in the shade enjoying our e-readers with my sweetie. A bit later Linda dropped to give Suzie a doiggie fix with her puppies..
2 dogs she has and love Ssuzie
     Then just after 3 pm Tucker and Choco dragged Gerry over here for Happy hour. More doggie fixes for Suzie.
Trucker on her lap and Choco  hanging out
as usual they get their treats
     Ken and Kim joined for happy hour as well just because they can and we are here.
        Looks like a storm coming in. I had preheated our Weber Q to grill a nice bone in  turkey breast for supper tonight. So easy on the grill about an hour till 165 F internal temp. So moist and crispy on the outside. Flipping it only once to brown the skin on top.
this was so very tasty
for me I like my hot sauces with poultry
as you can see above
added to our salad sure did the trick
and of course lots of leftover for lunches.
     We had a wonderful great late summer  day. Shopping, the bikers and a fun Happy hour winding up with a tasty supper.  Looks like we will  be getting a storm a bit later so after 7 pm we will be heading inside for the rest of the night soon,  Even though it is still a wonderful 75F outside . Some thunder and lighting that we can enjoying outside under our awning . the perfect way to enjoy camping, watching the storm and a wonderful warm evening.
      Hey thanks for taking the time to stop on by and hope y'all  had a great day  as well.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. Replies
    1. I do too , thunder, lightning and a good heavy downpour to make everything all clean again.

  2. Biker Fest looks like a fun, altho high energy, event. Another great day for you!

    1. It was fun and nice to see all these bikers in one place.

  3. The biker event sure was drawing a crowd they usually do. Haven't been to one in years. That was one big turkey breast

    1. The crowds were coming in and a great day for it lotsa cool bikes. It was a very large breast lotsa leftovers.

  4. Those beaches look wonderful. What a great place for a motorcycle rally. I'd spend all day there!!

    1. They sure are wonderful beaches on a hot summer day, we spent many days years ago on theses beaches and swimming in the refreshing waters on Lake Huron .

  5. We have a friend who likes hot sauce on most things and carries a bottle of Tabasco with him.

    1. I often take my Habanero sauce along with me when we go out to eat as well.

  6. A great way to spend a few hours at the Bike Fest! The lake is beautiful and you've got Michigan on the other side! Nice happy hour with friends and then a great looking turkey breast! My favorite part of the turkey! YUM!

    1. It was a fun Day , can't quite see Michigan from here this is a huge lake. But have toured around there many times. Happy hour is always fun and the Turkey breast is our favorite as well.

  7. Sounds like a great day. We did the Port Dover day trip a few times but now that we don't have a bike, it isn't of interest. Glad they found a new place if Dover wasn't working out. I wonder what went wrong, it was so good, a tradition, for so long there.
    It was a beautiful warm day for sure.

    1. Dover is still going just less people, here is an alternate place to go less busy works for a lot of people. It sure was a wonderful day.

  8. A pretty great day for Friday the 13th.

  9. George are you sure you do not have any Hispanic blood in you?

    A couple of years back my parents and I went back to Argentina to visit old friends and I took several small bottles of Tabasco so I could sneak them in my purse when we went to eat. Dad and I love hot stuff and this Argentinian couple saw us putting some on our steak and asked if they could borrow some.

    Dad and I looked at each other and though we warned them it would be too hot for them...they we handed it over. She took it better than I thought but her husband took off running to the bathroom to rinse his mouth...jajajajajajajajaja :D

    1. LOL, not that I know of,British and French for sure. I have always enjoyed spicy food and have seen the same result when someone wants to try some of my hot sauce. Even though I do warn them.


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