Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Arkansas to Oklahoma and relax here for a few days.

Where are we today ?
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       It was a cool night, 34f (1C) at 5 am and frost on the ground and car. But we toasty warm, good for sleeping. Got our morning coffees and emails done, a nice walkabout then we secured the coach and headed on out down the road to Oklahoma, no rush just 252 miles today. We put in some long travel days to get here and our windows done, now we will cut back a bit for some more relaxing travel days and enjoy some new scenery and hopefully warmer weather. And a wonderful travel day it was, sunshine, very little wind, not much traffic and no rains. What more can we ask for?
now here for  a few more days
We getting ready soon to secure the coach and hit the road
nice quiet roads 8:30  Saturday morning 
          Then a some cross country back roads also very nice and quiet, just bogeying right along.
       Saw this sign and thought of the Music Group the Monkey's (Take the Last train to Clarksville") guess we missed it did not see the train!
        Not far from Oklahoma we stopped at a rest area for a stretch about 11:30 . Perfect time to make a bite to eat for lunch. And we parked right behind this classic Airstream Trailer and talked to the owner for a few minutes . It is a 1959, he has it almost completely restored , did and amazing job and polished it to a wonderful shine. He put it on a 2013 chassis and rebuilt the inside over the last 4 years , most of it original, restored . He is from  Maryland, heading to southern Arizona  to store it and the truck. He will fly back home and then him and his wife will fly back down to Arizona after Christmas , to enjoy some boondocking in the southwest.
Bill this is for you!
this is a great restoration
         A little further down the we road stopped at the Oklahoma Welcome centre/rest area. Love these picnic table pavilions below.
         2 pm we arrived at the Terra Starr Rv park in Checotah Oklahoma  and checked in, it is one of our membership parks (Coast to Coast) we will be at for 3 nights. $13.50 a night for full hookups, (30 amps) thats all we need, 50 amps  a buck a night more. We will just chill here, looks like good sunny weather for 3 days, so we will take full advantage of it.
a nice large pull through site
all  set up and relaxed by 2:30. and got a few walkabouts here
nice pool , closed for the winter
tennis courts 
right behind us is the Tornado shelter,
this is Oklahoma, tornado alley
nice secure shelter if needed
       Eventually after relaxing and reading for a bit. I whipped up a salad to go with our leftovers from last night at Coltons in Searcy Arkansas .
Suzie's fettucinni alfredo with shrimp
my catfish and fries,
this sure hit the spot, was very tasty the
second time around too.
         After supper I went out to catch whatever sunset I could get at 6:20 pm.
 no cloud cover but a nice bright sun and clear blue skies.
6:20 pm 
6:25 pm not too bad at all of no clouds
       That was our fun day enjoying the journey and new scenery, and now just to hang out and a new place for a few days. Time to enjoy some sunny weather and nice clear unfoggy windows.
        Thanks for taking the time to stop in and hime your enjoyed your day as well.
254 miles today,
Arkansas to Oklahoma
 Want to learn more about Membership camping at Rock Glen Family Resort ?
 click this link

Where have we been this winter ?


  1. Sure a nice old trailer, that airstream. Travel safe now.

  2. Always nice not to have to rush. To just let the day unfold and enjoy those are the best days.

    1. That's the way we like to enjoy and just take in the nice weather.

  3. The roads through Oklahoma City were terrible. You might want to detour it.

    1. We have not noticed them so far, our coaches just been riding very nicely so far.

  4. Nice to explore new places and your weather should warm up nicely too.
    Cool Airstream, Bill will enjoy the pictures of it. :)

    1. We always enjoy exploring new places, and the warm sunny weather, perfect.
      I thought Bill would enjoy that classic Airstream. I know you enjoy Moab as well.

  5. Nice to enjoy a slow relaxing travel day.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the warm weather.

    It's about time.

  6. Looks like a nice spot. Like the Airstream, he has done a great job of restoring it. Enjoy your relaxing time and we will see you down the road.

    1. Yes Bill he did an amazing job with it. And will be seeing you at some point for sure enjoy your travels.

  7. I loved that part of the country ... except for those darn tornados!! Stay safe!!!

    1. It is a wonderful part of the country and as long as we have the shelters we are good.

  8. Aww...George, Clarksville AR is my town! Where my grandma lived and we went every summer as kids to meet up with our cousins such good memories! Isn't Lake Eufuala beautiful? That whole area and part of the country..Love it and your pictures! Looks like a nice rv park you're in for a few days!

    1. That is so cool that you spent so much time in Clarksville, who woulds thought? This is a beautiful area and the park is pretty nice as well. We will just chill out here and enjoy the area and some quality reading time.


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