Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Last day here and wrapping up a few things. With amazing fall weather.

Where are we today ? 
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    What a wonderful day we are going to have, and we will make the best of it for sure. Got some nice walkabouts done early after out coffees of course,. About 7:30 am enjoying the sunrises here that are amazing, for this area.
so pretty and inspirational 
           Now with this perfect warm sunny day and not much wind I decided to clean our vent covers and Fantastic fan. I like to do this once a year and they were due. Just waiting for the prefect day and this was it.
they get so dirty
even the fantastic fan, but I have a nice and easy way to clean it.
         The vent covers all off and will give them a good cleaning. They sure get filthy in a year.
I remove the fan blade and wash in the sink easy job
vent covers like new again
Fan blade all sparkling clean too
re installed and works perfect again
        Now time for lunch, we have a few fresh eggs t use up, so a mushroom omelette with onions and ham did the trick. A tasty lunch we had.
a tasty omelette
         After lunch a returned our beer and wine bottles for recycling and made some cash. Back home to put our clean vent covers back on and wash down our solar panels. Hey we good for a while now and soon ready to hit the road.
looking good and ready to go
       After this I stored our Weber Q, checked our tire pressures, dumped our sewage. Then Bonnie and Stella stopped by for a chat. Another blog follower here at 50 point. Really so nice to spend the time and really get to know these people, Super people as, most RV 'rs are.
Doggie fix for Suzie with Stella
such a good dog

              Then we just relaxing in the sun enjoying the wonderful warm sunny after noon. A light breeze and cloudless skies. Reading our books outside on a warm day is what we love. !
lots of nice showers here too
     Soon time for supper, Tonight I am going to make a stir fry, use up our Chicken breast and some fresh veggies before we cross the border in the morning
Chicken and mushroom fried rice
sure hit the spot
plus our last orange
          Not a bad day at all, got done what we wanted and even enjoyed this wonderful weather.
         Thanks for stopping on by and really hope your fall weather was as awesome as ours.

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Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Nice pictures of a lovely sunrise. Safe Travels.

  2. You have the fan vents looking like new. Do you lubricate also? Safe travels and continued fine weather!

    1. Thanks Jeff sprayed silicone on the rubber and hinges.

  3. Vents look good George, safe travels tomorrow and we will see you down south.

  4. Safe travels George and Suzie, see you soon.

  5. Your fan vents look really travels for you.

  6. We are having some beautiful cool weather here in East Texas. Not sure if you will get this far to the southwest, but it is much nicer here in the Fall and Winter than in the summer.

    1. It is nice there at this time of year, we have been to Willis, not far from you at Cut and Shoot a few times and enjoy the area.

  7. Welcome back! Safe travels!

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks Patsy , you soon be on the road too. Travel safe.

  9. Your Fantastic Fan and vents look great! Your sunrise pics are beautiful. Lunch and dinner looks awesome too! Have a great day on the road!

  10. Hope your travels are uneventful!

  11. My fans are about ready for that treatment

  12. So excited for you, safe travels and we'll see you on the road!

    1. No we can scratch that itch for the next 6 months.And most like meet you in the desert somewhere.

  13. It's so nice to see you heading south... Someday we will do the same.

    1. We are more than ready, and you should think about it soon.


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