Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Moving on down the road a ways, heading further west and south. quiet Halloween here at the Flying J

Where are we today ? 
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      Much colder here in Checotah OK, today, a high today of only 52 f (11C) and afternoon rain, time to move on down the road. We enjoyed the sunshine and warm weather here for a few days.
      No rush today just taking our time with coffee and cereal, walkabout for a bit as the sunrises, down by the lake to catch another beautiful sunrise.
excellent sunrises across the lake
the Pelicans front right and
the Geese on the left
       Then we secured our coach and wander on down the road. Through Oklahoma City to Sayre Oklahoma Flying J to refuel and relax for the rest of the day, his works fine for us. No rush just 250 miles, but we were disappointed that we passed 3 rest areas and all were closed. We do like to stop at the rest areas and stretch, walkabout a bit and at noon make a nice light lunch. We like that fact that they are easy off and easy on again.
nice quiet roads and good weather
coming through Oklahoma city,
Love the way they mark the highways here, no need to look up at the signs
          Finally we came across this trading post below. Large parking lot so we pulled in here.
tourist trap but a nice place to stop for a stretch and make lunch

Buffalo is their state animal, so Suzie got a Buffalo fix !
statue of a white buffalo, and a live one
back there in the coral
but hiding so not pic
nice mural here
hey that's me gonna spear a Buffalo?
      Another hour or so we Pulled into the Flying J, Rv fuel lanes and parking that we usually like.
      This Flying J is huge and lotsa Rv parking we found a perfect spot for the rest of today and tonight.
lotsa room here
even the truckers have lotsa room too
      We arrived at the Flying J in Sayre OK at just before 3 pm and fuelled up our coach. And checked our emails, and a walkabout this huge parking lot they have here and not too busy right now.
       New book for me to start today as well.
I finished another page turner and started this one today
another favourite author
      Suzie suggested we check out Denny's for supper, just because we can and have not eaten here for quite a few years. Plus the fact that she is our money manager, usually tells me what to cook for supper as well, guess it was time for a change? Last time we ate at a Denny's was when we met Croft and Norma (Croft's Mexico) for breakfast a few years ago in Pecos Texas. So I grabbed a couple of menus to see if anything could spark our interest.
      Looks like I found something I liked the look of  the Crazy Spicy Skillet, Looks tasty and spicy, right up may alley.
my spicy skillet was excellent with extra hot peppers and salsa
        And Suzie had the Bourbon chicken skillet, Both meals were excellent, very tasty and reasonable priced, both meals under $20.00, tip included, No complaints here. We thought we would have leftovers but could not stop eating until it was all gone!
Suzie loved her Chicken Bourbon skillet as well
all cleaned up
       Now that was a nice relaxing travel day too cold to be outside, but nice and sunny with not much traffic. Sure worked for us.
       Soon time to call it a night, finish posting this blog, read a bit more and check out whats on the tube for a bit.
      Thanks for stopping on by and I just know y'all had a great day, as long as you are not having snow like back home in some places of Ontario.
250 miles today

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Where have we been this winter ?


  1. Getting closer! Yay! LOL So glad your trip is going so well, safe travels. --Katie

    1. Thanks, Katie we are slowly making our way there, don't want it ti be too hot when we arrive, and still a few places to see on the way before it gets too cold.

  2. We enjoyed the chance meeting with you and Suzi in Pecos! This year we are staying home for Christmas with the family and will be watching you from the recliner!

    1. Too bad you can't make it but glad to have you along for the ride.
      Keep warm there back home.

  3. Lovely pictures of the sunrise. We agree, it is nice when they they have the numbers right on the highway it takes the guess work out of picking the right lane. Continued safe travels.

    1. Thanks we did get some wonderful sunrises while we were there.
      The numbers do make it much easier..

  4. Awesome pics of the sunrise. When the markers are on the road itself instead of signs overhead it seems easier to follow and be on the correct lane.

  5. Sunrise pictures are just as nice as sunsets, except you have to be an early riser! Next time through that area check out Elk City. South of it they have a nice City Park on a lake, 5 spots with electric, 2 night stay max and a complimentary price. Save travels.

    1. I have always been an early riser so no problem for me. Thanks for the reminder on Elk city. Was thinking about there but this worked better today.

  6. Beautiful sunrise! Very cool in that area, dinner looks awesome. We don't go to Denny's often but if you belong to AARP they offer 15% off your whole check, which is nice. Love the veggies in both skillets! Too bad about the rest areas, that's bad that all 3 were closed.

    1. Thanks, dinner was awesome, sure did the trick so very tasty.
      Yes all 3 closed was a bummer.

  7. I've never stayed at a Flying J. Do the RVs have a separate place to park? LOVE those road signs. I wish every state would do that. It's SO much easier to find your way!!

    1. A lot of the Flying J's have Rv parking and Rv fuel lanes. You can check each one out on their website. If you ca use you rig without opening your slide like ours they work great, always feel safe at them.

  8. You're almost in the warmer weather. The good thing it's actually in the 80's now. It's perfect winter weather even though it's not winter yet.

  9. I really enjoy Denny's skillets

  10. Those skillet meals look great, Suzie's would be my choice, not so 'spicy'. :)
    I love in your Trading post picture, the old vintage travel trailer. Looks neat!

  11. The skillet meals were awesome. and the vintage trailer, love them.


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