Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, October 05, 2017

Tavistock for a week, stocking up and a kitty fix for Suzie

Where are we today ?
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       A great sleep last night and up early after coffee a few walkabouts the park here at Rock Glen last one for this year, see y'all in the spring. Puttered around for a bit secured our coach, hooked up the car and headed down the back roads to Tavistock just over and hour away. At 9:45 am.

our last morning here this year
did see a few fall colours along the way
not a great picture through the windshield 
moving down the road
         A nice quiet drive and back in the land of the round abouts. They are putting them in all over the place. Once you get used to them they are pretty good, keeps you on your toes and keeps the traffic moving.
our first round about today
eventually took 8 more this afternoon
       Arrived at Suzi'es sister Roses' and B.I.L Ross where we will hang out for a week.
this be the place
beautiful spot right beside a cornfield
they have a beautiful yard back onto the bushes 
putting green too
t-off here to the green by the trees
          After a light lunch we headed into Waterloo , dropped Suzie at her Naturopath and I whipped over to the Wholesale club to get our winter supply of coffee and a couple other things.
the Wholesale club I have shoped at for over 25 years for certain in items
no membership fees
         We love this coffee so like to stock up for the winter, usually a pot a day so 4 boxes 168 bags plus the 20 or so we have on hand, I can repack those 4 boxes into 2 and a bit so no problem for storage.
We are hooked on this coffee
first year we ran out and could
 not find one we liked
         Back to Ross and Rose's, Ross was home, and he invited us in for a cold beverage and to catch up with us again. He offered us a couple of local craft beers from just up the road in Shakespeare. Not too bad, the Blueberry Wheat and the Ontario Pale ale, we both enjoyed them for a change, Thanks Ross.
          By now was time for supper but after 5:30. I suggested to Suzie, how about Chinese Take out? Just down the road about 3 minutes in Tavistock. We have had it there a few years ago and was excellent. Then to think of it last time we had Chinese's was at Lin's Buffet last December in Yjma Arizona so we were due. 
wonderful small town Restaurant, good food too
the 5 points in Tavistock
Water your horse?
water your dog?
 15 minute wait and our food was steaming hot. Chinese cooking is all about prep which takes hours I have made it quite a few times, the cooking only takes minutes. Now 3 minutes home and we had a feast. So hot fresh and tasty.
it was excellent as usually and of course
lots of leftovers for at least on more meal
          After supper Suzie went outside to read for a bit and the outside cat Gus (a girl) just had to get on Suzie's lap.
hard to read with a cat here
Gus wants to read too
ok she gave up and give Gus some loving ,
guess she was lonely.
     Well that lasted for a while then she came inside to read a bit more then gonna watch an Indiana Jones movie, one of our favourites.
today's country drive
60 miles today just over an hour
     That was a great day for us have a few things to get done here for another week then we will be on the road for the winter.
     Thanks for stoping in and hope you had a fun warm day as well.
 Want to learn more about Membership camping at Rock Glen Family Resort ? click this link

Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Kinda wondered when you were going to get on the road. Travel safe. Love the kitty fix photos.

    1. Thanks Sue. We are slowly making our way to the boarder, no doggie fix so a kitty fix will have to do.

  2. Didn't lnow they make beer in Shakespeare! Enjoy your week in Tavistock.

    1. They just opened this past July.

  3. You're right. You can definitely see fall in those trees. It's coming.

  4. Mmm that blueberry wheat beer sounds good :-)

    1. It was quite tasty and their beers are in 500 ml bottles.

  5. You are lucky that you have friends and family with big enough property and room to park. Enjoy Tavistock. Say hi to 'our' daughter if you see her! :)

    1. We are very lucky, having loved in the country for most of our lives we know a lots of people with large properties. Will keep and eye open for your daughter .

  6. Uh oh! All Suzie's doggie friends are gonna be jealous! :cD

    1. The doggie's won't know unless they read the blog, :<)

  7. That's a huge yard, just look at all that grass. Maybe you'll get a chance to mow it.

    1. I wouldn't mind , but they have someone that mows it for them.

  8. Sad to say goodbye till next year but oh the adventures that await you.

    We are getting more of those roundabouts around here also.

    1. Our lifestyle is about "see you later's"
      But the adventures are sure worth it.
      I love the round about.

  9. By the looks of those trees fall is getting really close. You find some really great places to camp, even if it is with friends or family. Love that green grass.

    1. Yes fall os close, bu=t we can stay and not invade their space, no problem,


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