Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Another busy fun day, hockey, warm weather and time with more friends. Got our winter Meds taken care of too.

Where are we today ? 
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    A nice Saturday morning, after a light rain overnight, and supposed to be a decent day. First thing I boiled up 1/2 of the turkey bones from yesterday to make a nice soup broth. The other half is in our freezer. All done and cooled, I put it in containers and into Ross and Roses's freezer for a few days, We running out of fridge and freezer space.
       We had an early lunch finished up most of our left over Chinese from the other day. Then headed into Plattsville to watch Grandson number 4 play Hockey against Aylmer Ontario.
getting ready
         They are on the ice and he is skating his usual high speed stuff, Below that is him number 87.

       What a fast paced game it was and they put up a good battle but in the end they were defeated. No doubt they had a good time and great exercise. We enjoyed our time here as always watching the hockey and family time at the arena as well.
         Back home to Tavistock. I took out the Turkey from the fridge that I cooked yesterday. And carved it all up . Carves very nice after it has been cooled. All set in a pan (a 17 lb Turkey Carved). put some of the drippings back over it , the skin I had removed and covered tightly with tin foil. Now all I need to do is reheat on Monday at my daughter's on Monday and we will have a very moist and tasty turkey dinner for our Canadian Thanks giving.
ready to serve just reheat on Monday , no fuss at all
the work is done before hand
       Turkey taken care of. Then I set up our Weber Q 100. To grill a couple of chickens for tonight;s supper.
      Too add to that I  made a couple of potato pockets. You can check my recipe HERE  or my recipe blog top right side bar. Part of the recipe calls for Bacon chopped up so I grilled 6 slices  right on the grill,
bacon on our Weber Q
I used this seasoning for the potatoes, instead of
Hidden Valley (only available in the USA)
and worked wonderful
     We had invited mutual friends over for supper, good friends of Rose and Ross's as well as us. Also members of Rock Glen Resort.  I was cooking 2 chickens on our Weber Q and the potatoe pockets that Ross did on their Weber.
        Rose made a very tasty salad and and Gail was making a desert.
        Well the desert making process was sure was a lot of fun. She was making ice cream from frozen bananas but forgot her "Bullet", so she tried it in Rose's processor.  Now the fun began. Not working very well.
Gail, was having some issues
           So Ross and Randy stepped in to help out, and all went good for a while.
got it going well but the lid came off
and bananas on the ceiling
Ross whiped it down then...
       Then Gail was doing the frozen Blueberries that she wanted and all was going well again! Until!!
         The lid came off again!  Guess what? Blueberries on the ceiling!
on No what a mess!
now here is Gail on the kitchen counter washing
the blueberries off the ceiling,what a mess.
        Me, I am safe doing what I love, cooking on our Weber Q outside, (no ceiling to worry about)
  Grilled 2 chickens and made some Swiss Chalet dipping sauce to go with them.
2 chickens done to perfection just over an hour
We all love this, only in Canada , sorry
     After too much fun and lotsa laughs we settled in for a wonderful meal. Of course the laughter carried on and we all enjoy the feast.
yes we are having a ball as we always do
yummy ?yes
desert amazing
Banana ice cream, no milk
      Shortly after supper their daughter , SIL and 3 granddaughters arrived to cause havoc and add more fun into the mix. Lots more conversation, laughs and stories, Then the girls outside cruzing the driveway in their Cadillac Escalades. Having more fun yelling and enjoying the good life..
the race is on
     I enjoyed the time with them and some inside time with everyone, and out here for some peace and quite, just working in this blog, and enjoying more great weather.
      That was our fun day day, keeping busy, family time, good food and excellent weather. How can we not enjoy that? Oh tomorrow lots more family time and again on Monday, Looking forward to seeing every one again.
      Thank y'all for checking us out and hope you can enjoy this Canadian Thanksgiving as much as we, do. Ok if you are Americans we will be down there to enjoy another one with you guys as well, in a months or so.
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Where have we been this summer ?


  1. That sounds like a fun food prep! Ha ha getting everyone's hands in the mix!
    Glad you had a fun day with friends.
    The girls are enjoying their Caddy's too.

    1. It was fun and lotsa laughs we had. The girls sure do enjoy them.

  2. So nice to enjoy some family time if you have them close!

  3. Hockey looks like a great exercise and team sport for the kids. Supper and dessert both look delicious. That sounds like an outside blender to me.

    1. Yes the hockey sure is and a very popular sport here in Canada.
      That blender did get outside, tossed out the back door on to the driveway, where it belongs, lol...

  4. Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with family.

  5. Glad you had fun with the first of your Thanksgiving Celebrations.
    Definitely need a better Blender.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks it was a great time with the family. And that blender is no more.

  6. Thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving with us. Bet the boys can work up an appetite playing hockey, great exercise and team building fro them.

    1. Oh yeah they sure can eat and like you said is really good for them.

  7. Dinner looked amazing..your potato pockets are something i'm going to have to try! Fun with family and friends. Loved the blender stories..not 1 but 2! But all fun and good food!

    1. It was wonderful thanks, and the blender issues gave us lotsa laughs .

  8. Well, you had me laughing at that blender mess! Great fun and good food go well together.

  9. That was a lot of work, but the results were fantastic (and delicious, too). :c)

    1. Had to work up and appetite and it worked, with a tasty ending.

  10. I hope that the blueberries did not stain the ceiling.


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