Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, October 02, 2017

Amazing warm fall weather again for a few days, that we love

Where are we today ? 
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      Just another wonderful fall day in the forecast that we are going to love. After a good nights sleep and up early as usual waited for the sun to rise and got a few very nice walkabouts done this morning.
nice reflections by the pond and
so peaceful in the early morning
love this time of year, campground is so quiet
      I whipped into Forest for a few fresh veggies early and home to putter around and enjoy a nice light lunch with Suzie. Got a couple more walkabouts done, in between chapters, chat with a few people and enjoy sitting in the sun until it gets too hot, then shade for us both. Actually did get uo to 76 F  (24C) in the shade and much hotter in the sun.
       Then around 3 pm Tucker dragged Gerry over for happy hour, Tucker really wanted another treat as he always does. So Suzie got her doggie fix and Tucker his tiny treats. They are both happy now!
good dog, sometimes, but he got his treat
       Then soon time once again for me to whip up supper. So preheat our Weber Q 100, for 15 minutes, time to make our fresh salad. I found a baked potato in the fridge so shredded and added some diced onion, to make some home fried potatoes to go with a couple of amazing deep fried pork chops that our neighbour (Donna) made the other night. We could not make it for supper there the other night but she brought 2 over for us to enjoy.
       So fried up our shredded potato with onion, and heated the chops on our grill mat, This mat sure has a lot of great uses, as we have found out.
taters, done and chops heated up, excellent
with our salad we had a feast, and of
 course left overs for lunch as well.
       Now supper and dishes done, we can head on outside and enjoy more of this wonderful weather, Posting this blog and enjoying  our e-readers as long as we can in this wonder fresh air.
      That was just another fun filled day that we can enjoy with this lifestyle, fresh air, exercise and sunshine. Not much of a better lifestyle than this that I can think of.
       Thanks for taking the time to stop own by, always nice when you do.

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Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Can't complain about weather like this in October!

  2. The 'Indian Summer' is holding nicely for you. Near perfect reflections in your pond this morning, nice to notice and appreciate the simple offerings.

    1. This weather sure is holding nicely no complaints here, It these simple offerings that helps us appreciate this lifestyle.

  3. This weather can stay until the end of the month and we'd be thrilled!

  4. Beautiful picture of the pond..looks so peaceful..Looks like a beautiful day there. Dinner looks wonderful as always. Love the shredded potato with onion..yum

  5. Sounds like another great day!! Love that pond...,nice picture!!
    Enjoy that nice weather!!

  6. Another wonderful fall day here, also. Your first picture covers the peaceful, softness of morning perfectly.

    1. Thank you it was another perfect day, Enjoying this amazing weather as long as we can.

  7. Those pork chops looked amazing! A perfect way to finish off another great day. ;c)

  8. It won't be long now until you'll be hitting the road heading south.


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