Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A real deal on new tires for our coach, and relocated to a campground with full hookups again. Just in time for the heat wave.

Where are we today ?
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        Now to start a new summer day.We have been here about a week or so, time for us to move in down the road, we do get that hitch itch very often. No rush today we have a plan. Walkabouts town. A few groceries picked up, secure the coach and head on out after an early lunch to Stratford. Fuelled the coach, over to the Stratford sewage station for a FREE rv dump. Both our sewage tanks are full after 14 days dry camping.
         Next stop Honey wood tire in Stratford. Here we are having 4 new tires installed on the rear of our coach. Mike Walsh is the contact man here and has always got us good deals on tires for our coach. Contacted him in May this spring looking for a deal on good tires for our our coach. We would like Michelin tires but at about $600.00 a tire thought that was pricey (ours are 7 years old but still in good shape).  He could get us BFG tires that are made by Michelin (in France) for $325.00 CND each, but they were on back order. No rush just before the fall is good. Is good for us. He called us a couple weeks ago and the tires are in 19.5 RV tires.
        The tires were in and we could have them installed today on our way to Rock Glen resort in Arkona. Good deal. I pulled in there  about 1 pm and he set to work doing the manual labor. Nice to see a pro do it the right way. All done, balanced and installed by 2:15 pm . AND he gave us $50.00 for each of our old tires, Real bonus! They are 7 years old lots tread but no sidewall cracking. Mainly because we move our coach year round every week or two, do not cover them AND no tire shine stuff on them.
excellent service and very good prices  

here they are waiting for us 
Mike hard at work 
Amazing how they did this with just tire irons 

New valve stems and special caps
yup they made in France,
thats why its takes so long to get them
DOT date( date of manufacture 0216,
second week of 2016
these are the old tires, lotsa tread but 7 years old
time for new ones
this bunny came to visit us last night
like every night there
       We got all this done stopped to fill our propane and arrived at Rock glen resort at 4 pm ( later than we like). It was gettng hot but we were all set up (satellite dish included ) by 5 o'clock. Time for a cold beer! Relax a bit. 
One of our favorite sites here
        Relaxing for bit then Tucker and his MUM stopped by for a visit and Suzie got her doggie fix. 
     A nice visit while I grilled a couple turkey burgers from Hayter's Turkey farm with  cranberry and spinach. Suzie wanted nothing else for supper and was just fine with me.
loaded my burger and was good to go
    What a great day, got stuff done, moved on down the road, and we have now have full hookups for a couple weeks. It will come in handy with the major heat wave expected here for the next week or so. With humidity will feel like 104f. Now we can turn on or AC if needed. plus we really like free camping (no overnight fees) with our membership.
     Thanks once again for taking the time to stop on by.

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this summer


  1. always nice how she rides with new tires on her...

  2. Crikey .... those old tyres still looked good, aye?? Are you sure you don't need help with that bunny?? Tucker's not much use, aye?? Sorry I haven't been around much ... my Secretary's eyes are wearing out and the computer is not good for them but we do pop in and read every day. Just not commenting as much. Say g'day to Suzie for me.

    1. They do stil look good, maybe could have gotten more miles out of them lots of wear in them yet. But better safe than sorry and they have served us well for 7 years. But Charlie yoy said you can't come here to help, would be nice though. Think Tucker's legs are too short. Sorry to hear about you Secretaries eyes, hope there is something that can be done.
      Suzie says, thanks..

  3. One time I bought ten new tires at one time, six for the RV and four the Jeep toad. That sure did break the piggy bank.

    1. Yes it sure would ! I try to space our tires out a year at a time, much easier that way.

  4. Great price on the tires! When we replaced ours we were at the side of the Interstate with traffic whizzing past. A very poor bargaining position, we took what they had for what they wanted. Seven years is old for a tire, I hope whoever buys them knows what they are getting.

    1. That's why we like to be proactive. The tires last longer the more you use them.
      The old tires will got on a local vehicle, farm machinery or somebody that wants newer looking tires to pass a safety or even sell a vehicle.

  5. Great deal on those tires. Sometimes when it is so hot you just don't feel like eating much.

    1. Especially setting up in the heat. Suzie tells me what she would want, but I could have only just had a small salad most everyday actually.


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