Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Warm, sunny and wrapping up a few things with a happy hour to say so long to our friends.

Where are we today ?
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          Now here we are just enjoying more amazing weather, getting hotter by the hour, supposed to get to  about 85 f and feels like 98f, but hey we in cottage country thats the weather we want here. And where we are no bugs, really gotta love it.
          After some early walkabouts, got a few errands done and a couple more loads of laundry done long before noon.
          Now to putter around check tires, fill our fresh water tank etc. we on the road tomorrow. Got to enjoy a wonderful afternoon reading in the shade. We do love this summer weather.
          Today we had invited a few friends to our house for "Happy Hour "  But then a few friends becomes more friends and that is not an issue, " the more the merrier" is our motto. Before 4 pm we had 15 friends here,  most brought snacks and brought their own beverage. Stories to tell and share. Jokes to tell just having fun. That's what it's all about.
we had snacks,;
lotsa snacks
what a fun group
     More  stories and lies and had such a fun time, Before we know it was passed 6:30.  3 hours had passed Everyone headed on home and we fired up our Weber Q to grill a couple turkey Garlic sausage for supper . Well heck with all the snacks we had today need no more food..
That's it Turkey Garlic sausage on a bun
       We had a wonderful day, enjoyed the heat and fun  times with friends ,what more can we ask for?
        Its a tough life being retired and full time but we do manage to get by.
        Hope your day was wonderful too, thanks for stopping on by.
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  1. Crikey ........ that sure was a LOT of snacks. Wish I had been there. I coulda gone one of those turkey, garlic sausage sangas too, aye?? You blokes sure know how to have a good time!!

    1. Us camping people love to be outside and have fun, and eat drink and be merry, it was a very tasty sanga.

  2. What a lovely group of friends! Even the 4 legged kind by the look of it. Lots of snacks too, I'd probably have to skip supper if I'd indulged! Glad you are enjoying the summer heat as much as we are. Sure could use rain though.

    1. We all had a great time, just nibbled for a while , but had the turkey sausage thawed our and needed to cook it anyway.

  3. Awesome times too...can't be beat!


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