Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, July 25, 2016

Do I need more hats? hmm.... Doggies fixes and a humid day but a nice cool breeze in the shade

Where are we today ?
Rock Glen Resort Arkona Ontario
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        A pretty warm and humid morning  to start the day but did cool down off and on. And we did have lotsa shade and a nice cool breeze. Got lotsa nice early walkabouts then we decided maybe time to take our flannel sheets off for a while. We have used only this type for year as we have found cotton sheets much too cool for our liking. We give them a try for a bit. So washed them up and stored away for a while.
        I had a mention from yesterday's posting that everyone likes Suzie's new hat and suggested that I need a new one as well. I have many hats that I wear, and but the one you usually see is my everyday (kick around hat).  I actually have a few that look similar, but this one right now gets abused every day. 
         Just to give give you a sample of some here is a few pics below. I have a large collection of ball caps as well, them a few Felt hats that I love, stored in a friends basement. Do I need anymore? Think not. The rule here is one in and one out.  If I buy a new hat I would have to get rid on one.... hmm that's a tough decision ya know. 
       The crushers can be crushed and taken anywhere in a bag or folded into a pocket.
Panama Hat crusher
a nice dress hat
Australian Hat waterproof

winter everyday straw hat 
Arizona Palm leaf Hat
California Paper hat, crusher
pith helmut for lawn mowing
or extreme heat
Australian Hat, oil skin, waterproof
and a crusher
      While we were enjoying the shade and a nice breeze and few people walked by, we chatted with a them and Suzie got a few "doggie fixes".
          After my workout in the fitness centre around 3 pm Tucker and his Dad stopped by to chat for a while. Another doggie fix and he picked our brains dry (I think) about rving and travelling to the southwest. Gave him some tips and a few other people to talk to as well. It was a very nice visit, incorporated into a social hour. Same as anyone we talk to, our advise is from our experience and what works for us, not necessarily for everyone. We did that a long time ago, resaerch, access the advice and tips and use what works for you. Only with experience you will know what works for you.
Tucker smiling?
       Then time to whip up supper. Tonight a couple cod fish fillets, pan fried with Fish Crisp in our cast iron skillet on our Weber Q.
      Grilled a couple local yellow corn cobs soaked in water and added to a small salad.
this works wonderful 
Suzie enjoying the shade
added some musk mellon to round out the meal
           That was our fun day , just enjoy the outside fresh summer air, now as the evening cools down enjoying it even more, reading in the shade before the crowds arrive this coming holiday weekend.
        Thanks for stopping by again and hope your enjoyed your summer day as well.
        Gotta read some more have another good book on the go, see y'all later.
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  1. Cool hats, George! A great trademark for you. Say, that Fish Crisp seasoning/breading must be a Canadian thing. I haven't seen it here in the states.

    1. Thanks Mike, I have always liked hats and have collected them for years. The fish crisp is Canadian but belive you can buy it on e-bay.

  2. Oooh, you've done a style blog! Aha. My favourite is the first one but you look great in all of them.

    1. Lol, thanks Anna, comments the other day people said I need a new hat, I think I have plenty for now.

  3. Nice hat collection. Where do you store them when on the road? (Bill has to limit his to just a few... we just don't have room.)

    1. Tks, most are stacked nicely on a shelf in our Washer dryer closet that we use for office supplies etc.. no need for washer dry,

  4. You look great in any hat! But the pith helmet takes first prize.

    1. Thanks Peter, I like them all for different reasons and purposes.

  5. Hahaha...I just kept laughing at all your hats.
    Remember the one post you had a photo of you two and you didn't have a hat on. I told you I didn't even recognize you. Hehe

    1. Thanks, if I want to hide I take off my hat and vest,lol...

  6. I like you hat collection. Anymore, I just have a few hats that I wear. My cowboy hat gets the most use.

    1. Thanks Dizzy, my old straw hat gets the most use we do have an everyday hat and that's it.

  7. That's a pretty small hat collection... :cP


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