Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, July 15, 2016

Mostly sunny and much cooler today, always something to do though.

Where are we today ?
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        Another great day, but much cooler after a pretty good rainfall last night. You can almost hear the corn across the road growing! The local fields and farmers all smiling as well.
       Not much on the go today, some walkabouts then over to Suzie's Dad's workshop  fine tune the foot rest I made yesterday, glue and clamp it, Check it out tomorrow.
      Home or a light lunch, read for a bit outside in the shade of course. Around 1 pm we had a 5 minute heavy rainfall then the sun came back out and a pretty nice day only about 73f though. After lunch topped up our fresh water tank, just drag a 200 ft hose out from the house we good to go for a while again. We can hold 90 gallons of sewage so are good for about 2 weeks, our fresh water was not completely full when we got here, that's only 75 gallons.
      I checked the pool out around  4 o'clock and it was much warmer than the air! So just had to go in for a swim and warm up a bit. (keep the pool company ya know).
such a peaceful view here
          Time to whip up supper, preheat the Weber Q , assemble another loaded salad. Lettuce, Cucumber, fresh mushrooms, broccoli,  carrots, six bean medley, red onion, sunflower seeds, ground flax, tomatoes, cranberries, ripe olives (for me) then spray with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. That's actually a meal in itself. And added a couple of very tasty grilled bone in pork chops, sure did the trick.
and some fresh blueberries on the side
      Now  supper done an still nice out but the birds are pretty noisy for some reason we can read until after 9 here if it doe not get too chilly for us.
        Glad that you dropped by and hope you enjoyed yours as well.
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  1. That really is a loaded salad and the chops look very tasty.

    1. I make a similar salad almost everyday day. Yup the chops were very tasty.

  2. Much like my day today. Sun, kindle and pool. I'm quite envious of this being your daily life.

    1. Its is a wonderful life and we love it, all we had to do was jump in with both feet, quit work sell everything we own buy an RV and wander around.

  3. I need to borrow some of that cool, it's pretty hot here in Arkansas! ;c)

  4. Well paul I guess you need to go further north still.


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