Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, July 09, 2016

Friday and Saturday all rolled into one. And we relocated again..

Where are we today ?
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          The first part of this posting is from Friday, what we did on a busy day.
Started with a wonderful walkabout  the neighborhood.  This is the city and can check out the urban landscape. Huge expensive homes on tiny lots, but is so peaceful early in the morning.
impressive homes
wildlife, couple squirrels 
nice playground around the corner
        I did some grocery shopping in the area, some different stores and food deals to find. Love Centra Market, the Chinese grocery store, so many unique food items and good deals. Wish I knew what to do with some of these foods, more research is needed. And Excellent prices as well.
         Did find a good deal on fresh pickerel (walleye) only $8:98 a lb have not seen it for less than $15. so picked up a mess of that we will have a feast, soon.
          Then some relaxing reading on the front porch at my cousin Marie and Franks place enjoying the heat.
nice spot on their porch
        Then about 3 pm headed over to daughter #1 for a nice visit with the family and especially the 3 grands.
Sitting on their front porch
waiting for Marie and Frank
here they are
they have construction all down their street.
and inside the house,
what a mess everywhere
dining room mess
outside mess
new doors going into the dinning room
onto the deck
       Now get to visit and play with the Grands.
Granddaughter #1
Grandon #3
Grandson #2
         Now the boys are a bit older and do what most kids nowadays do , computers and video games... Grandaughter she loves to play games, so she got me playing games, Tic tac toe with sidewalk chalk and a few other fun games, think she wore me out, What a fun time we had, even though the rules kept changing I attempted to adapt.
we were running out of driveway space
then some of her artwork
    They fired up their huge Weber and left me in charge of grilling the chicken breasts wrapped with Pancetta ( Italian Bacon). did them on my grill mats and were so very tasty.
relaxing in the shade
Brian grilling the asparagus
What a very tasty dinner
     Then to top it all off desert a Sicilian ice cream with amaretto. what an amazing meal and fun times. Thanks guys.
Tartufo Amaretto Sicilian ice cream

then Saturday morning

          A bit cooler this morning and a threat of more rain. We had rain overnight. But the rain did not really happen for a while. Got a nice early walkabout the neighbourhood. Secured the  coach said so long to my Cousin and hit the road around 9 am. ( nice drive and not too much traffic through Toronto. Stopped at the service centre /rest area near Cambridge made a bite for lunch and head on to Plattsville. Pulled in heer to Camp Awesome and all set up by noon, just before the rain started, perfect timing !
         Then a quick trip to the store for a few needed supplies for a last lunch minute tomorrow with family. Now to just relax, read in the shade with peace and quiet, birds chirping, what a nice afternoon.
       Then of course time for supper, grilled a large turkey breast I picked up yesterday more leftover turkey and more bones for the soup pot. Think Monday we will have time to do that.
grilled to perfection on Our Weber Q
Grilled turkey breast and a salad
sure did the trick
          Now to just enjoy a wonderful mild evening outside, posting our blog, listening to the birds and a bit more reading. This is summer time weather. loving the peace and quiet of the country again. Getting close to 9 o'clock soon time to head inside.
           Thanks for stopping by and checking us out. This is what we have to do in the summer, not to hard to take.

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this summer


  1. Family time... that's the best time! (food looks good too ;-)

  2. Some times on a sunny day the laneways in our complex are covered with chalk art. It looks great! Then a few days later it's all gone again from the rain. Looks like you had a good time with the family... Chicken wrapped in pancetta, well.....

    1. Love the chalk art, is shows that the kids are outside playing, fresh air and exercise.
      The chicken wrapped in pancetta was excellent !


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