Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, July 02, 2016

Nicer weather, friends here and and a fun dance at the pavilion tonight.

Where are we today ?
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       Now today the weather is much better than yesterday, warmer and clear blue skies most of the day. Gotta love it!
       My first walkabout down by the flats took me to the pond/swamp area so peaceful and quiet here as usual , especially at 7 am.
so peaceful here
not an empty site here this weekend
         A bit later Suzie and I did another walkabout the park. Everyday at 10 am lotsa people show up to play "Holy Board" (washer toss). Almost a religion here, everyday at 10 am they play. We did that for a few years, but the novelty wore off.
Holy board fun
          Had nice light lunch and enjoyed our e-readers in the shade, gotta love it ! Even got to chat with a few neighbors that walked by, that's the bonus of sitting outside enjoying this amazing weather.
           Then around 4 pm wandered over to Norm and Pat's for "Happy Hour". Suzie got her Doggie fix with Billy Jean (BJ) licking her to death! And the bunch of us shared many stories, jokes and  tips.
BJ Loves Suzie
      Nice bunch for "Happy Hour". Then we head home to whip up supper.
     Tonight a couple Turkey burgers on our Weber Q.
added a tasty salad and was wonderful
       Supper done , another walkabout then 7 pm head up to the pavilion by the clubhouse. They have a DJ in tonight for for a dance in the outside area. Hey it's free and we are here sounds like fun.
Steve taking lotsa pics
good turnout
      We had a wonderful time, decent weather and great music that we could actually dance to, Chat with a few people that sat with us and enjoyed a couple hours here on a great summer evening.
lotsa dancing for us
        Shortly after 9 o'clock the music changed to newer stuff. but no problem we ready to head on home anyway. We had too much fun anyway, time to call it a day.
       Thanks for stopping by. Night, night....

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  1. This summer weather is just too gorgeous. We are busy with all the visitors coming to the island. Then friends are dropping by and we have supper together. Love it.

    1. The beauty of summer weather , everyone is out and about, getting exercise,fresh air and socializing.

  2. Just caught up on your last week. Sounds like great times every day and lots of great friends.

    1. Understandable, you have had a stressful week, take care.

  3. Dancing is a wonderful way to burn off the calories from that good chow you make! ;c)

    1. Dancing is great exercise, we don't get to do that often enough.

  4. Glad that you and Suzie are enjoying your summer! :-)

    1. We sure are Cheryl thanks, looks like you are keeping busy too.


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