Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, July 29, 2016

Helping a friend get set up and enjoying some more great weather, family coming tonight so looks like we will be busy for a day or so

Where are we today ?
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        A bit cooler today again and overcast, but still in the low 80's f. Pretty nice actually. At 7 am I whipped over to Forest for a few needed groceries, (nice that the Foodland is open 24 hours a day) cause I have a busy day. 
      At 9 am I confirmed daughter number one and family have a site here for a couple of nights . Then  our friend Gerry and I took off on a mission to Sarnia. Looking to buy a generator and power inverter for their new to them trailer so that they can dry camp. We did come up with a very good deal on a generator and a 1000 watt inverter.  But then it's noon time for a bite to eat. I had a couple coupons for free pizza slices from our beer cases, so why not, more than ample to fill the gap and do like free!

fre slices and smiling Gerry
         Back home and I ran up the road  to get some fresh picked local corn and a Muskmelon for tomorrow.  Then to putter around a bit and Gerry and Tucker stopped buy, to visit with Suzie.

Tucker gets treats from Suzie.
Doggie fix
       About 3:30 I put a whole chicken on our Weber Q for supper, about 3.5 lbs picked up on sale for $4.40 great deal an do love our chicken.
       While this was cooking away Paul and Ron stopped by for Happy Hour and we shared stories and flapped our gums. Always fun to chat with a few people for a while in the afternoon.
we being Happy
          Chicken cooking away and done perfectly as usual then I whipped up a salad and we enjoyed another great meal. Leftovers for lunches and more bones in the freezer for another pot of chicken soup in the future.

sure hit the spot
      That was our busy day so far, now about 7 pm and just waiting for daughter number one to arrive with 3 grands and set up camp. Looks like we will be busy until Sunday running ragged and having too much family fun.
      Hope y'all had a good day too and will get back here when I have some free time.
Thanks for stooping on by.

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  1. Have fun with your grands and pace yourself, you don't want to wear out the first five minutes! :cD

    1. We sure will have fun and do what it takes, trying to keep up with them. Gotta pack all this fun into a short time, but sure is worth it.

  2. How nice to have them come visit you. Enjoy your time with them.

  3. So cool to have your family camping in the same spot, we love camping with our families.

  4. That's so nice to have your daughter and family join you for a few days. I'm sure you'll have a blast.

  5. Taking a going through "stuff" break to catch up with what is going on with others this summer. Okay I am going to admit I am envious but I know it will all be worth it when the house is empty and on the market. Just knowing we never have to deal with the "stuff" again will make it so, so worth it.
    Sounds like you two are having a wonderful summer. If I am reading your countdown correctly it sounds like we will be leaving Lower Michigan within a week of when you will be driving through. Noticed you had taken a trip to Marine City, MI we usually stay about 7 miles south of there in Algonac when we are down by our son and his family.
    Enjoy your visit with family. Always nice to spend time with children and grandchildren.

    Celebrating the Dance

    1. Once you purge and let go the freedom is so wonderful, hope to catch up with you again this winter. Travel safe and enjoy the journey.
      It is always a busy fun time camping with the family.

    2. Once you purge and let go the freedom is so wonderful, hope to catch up with you again this winter. Travel safe and enjoy the journey.
      It is always a busy fun time camping with the family.


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