Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, July 22, 2016

Forest farmer's market, more heat wave and friends stopping by.

Where are we today ?
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          Another very warm day, I know its gonna be a hot one when at 6 am it is already 74f and very humid, but heck I can deal with that, maybe not Suzie. So my early walkabouts in the cooler morning air, chat with a few people.
         Then about 9 am I headed into Forest for a few stops I wanted to make. One of them the Forest Farmers Market on Friday mornings in the summer, not large but some very nice local vendors, some selling produce that they actually grow. Right downtown on the main street of Forest.
bought fresh local strawberries here
love these scones
We have nice spot, lotsa shade
until the late afternoon
vey comfortable here
         Then around 2 pm I wander over to the fitness centre and had a nice workout for about an hour.  Feel wonderful after that.
         Home about 3 p.m. and Suzie would like to go for a swim. No problem here, let's go for it !
you know it's hot when she wants to go for a swim
          We had a nice refreshing dip in the indoor pool, but the water was pretty warm.
      So let's check out the outdoor pool. It is much deeper and not heated. Pretty nice and even more refreshing. We all cooled down and ready to get back to reading in the shade.
        About 3:30 Paul and Judy stopped in for a visit (Happy Hour) we have not seen them for a while so it was a nice visit and catchup time. They were doing laundry right across from us so worked out perfectly.
Paul and Judy
     They headed home then and Tucker and his Dad stopped in and Suzie got a doggie fix. Always nice to see Tucker on his walkabouts.
       While they visited I prepped supper. Tonight a couple fish fillets pan fried in fish crisp on our Weber Q. Also a couple of fresh local corn cobs on the grill that I had soaked in water for a while. Even grilled a 1/2 of a lemon, sure makes it wonderfully juicy to squeeze on our fish.
corn, lemon and fish on our grill
the fish was wonderful as usual, corn
 very tender and sweet and
juicy lemon with a very tasty salad,
couple local strawberries too.
       After supper outside reading some more, then Freddie and his mum stopped by for a chat.
another doggie fix for Suzie with Freddie
        There ya go we had another great day enjoying this heat wave, fresh air and exercise, sure works for us. Much better than the cold snowy winter weather.
         Hope y'all had a great day and enjoyed whatever the weather threw at you too.

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this summer


  1. You eat so well and low fat. Great inspiration for me when I get home I think. That local produce looks very tempting. Much perfect for eating immediately. A dip to cool off is just what I've been doing here almost daily.

    1. Healthy eating has become a way of life, amazing how much better we both feel. Love the local markets at this time of year too.

  2. Enjoy the heat wave. Remember winter is coming:::: :)

    1. We do enjoy it very much, better than the cold that's for sure.

  3. The pool looks like the place to be in this weather. It's been nearly 100 during our travels so far.

    1. The pool is a wonderful place to cool down quickly.

  4. It is finally warming up here too! Yay! Wish we had a pool though...

    1. Warming up is good, somebody else's pool is perfect, too much work to own one though.

  5. With that kind of heat, you may not need your Weber grill to cook dinner! ;c)


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