Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Now this is summer time, the way I remember it growing up..

Where are we today ?
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         Wonderful mild night last night windows open and a great sleep, so quiet here. Up early for the sunrise but a bit cloudy, not very impressive. But did get an early walkabout town before things warmed up.
         Then a quick trip to New Hamburg needed a few items.  Home shortly after 10 am to get some grass mowing before it was too hot.

       Just up the road saw a farmer harvesting a crop, not sure what it was but bright green looked like grass and he was loading it into a truck beside him in the field.
       Soon as I got back I wandered back to the shed to grab the mower. Get an hour done before we had a light lunch.
not much grass growing but the weed a foot tall
            After lunch got another hour done, by 1 o'clock. Getting pretty hot and don't want to hurt the mower. Besides time to keep the pool company.
no weeds now and not much grass either
          First dip in the pool at 1:30 and you know its hot when Suzie goes in and it was absolutely wonderful, so refreshing. And of course nobody here just us, perfect.
thats me
love this pool ,
my mermaid floating around
         Cooled us of perfectly so we enjoyed reading in the shade with a nice breeze. Then we warmed up a bit and back in the pool. Actually did that 3 times this afternoon. We loved it and the pool enjoyed the company.
         Final swim about 4 o'clock, we all refreshed, after drinking gallons of water so far time for something more substantial. Nothing refreshes more than a cold beer on a day like this. Then time to fire up our Weber Q 100. Grill a couple bone in chicken breasts  and enjoy the aroma of it cooking. About 45 minutes on the grill after preheating 15 minutes and turned to low about 45 minutes, no peaking! Done to perfection once again.
yup we love our chicken
Added to our refreshing salad and fresh
 local strawberries
was wonderful and of course more leftovers
saving up for more Chicken noodle soup
            After supper has cooled down to about 75 outside, perfect! Thought about firing up the genny to turn on the air, but don't think it will be necessary. Inside cooling down quite nicely down to 85F already and the fantastic fan is cooling things down nicely. With the humidity felt like 102F and we can handle that with the pool here. Supposed to feel like 106F tomorrow we will see how that goes, probably more pool time and maybe even fire up our air conditioner for a bit. The heat does not bother me, but gets to Suzie sometimes.
           Hope y'all had a wonderful day and enjoyed this amazing summer weather (or not) at least keep hydrated and cool, (a pool, a beach or air conditioning) whatever works for you. When I was a growing up we spent our summers at the cottage on Georgian Bay, if it was hot went for a swim and spent many summer days in the lake, just came out for meals. We prefer outside in the fresh air. Thanks for stopping by.
Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this summer


  1. What? You in the pool without your ever present hat? :cD

    1. LOL,,, hard to swim underwater with a straw hat, but it is right beside to pool with my towel.

  2. It definitely looks like you found summer. The sun is smiling down for sure.

  3. The farmer was harvesting his hay crop (alfalfa). Here in SW Wisconsin, we just finished our 3rd cutting. Most alfalfa that is chopped, as you saw, is for a dairy farm. Part of the ration they use along with corn, soybean meal, etc. On our dairy Farm, we typically get five crops of hay, cutting about every 30 days, or when ready. Not sure If you get more than three crops, up in your area. Dairy Farmers used to only used baled hay! But industry and knowledge has changed to chopped hay, stored in a Silage bag ( long white worms), an upright cement stave silo, or a large bunker silo. Makes for a better wholesome produce, MILK and Cheese, along with other dairy products. Love your blog.

    1. Thanks Barb, for all the information. I guess we could have asked Suzie's Brother , he is a dairy farmer, and there is a lot of dairy farms in the area. Glad you stopped by and let me know, interesting information.

  4. I need the A/C once it hits 90F. Outside in the shade with a breeze I am good at higher temps.

  5. Thats what we had plus this wonderful pool.


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