Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Woodstock Farmer's Market, visit friends, a free lunch and more wonderful weather, life is good.

Where are we today ?
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         Saturday morning walkabout and very quiet in town at 7 am ,except for the mourning doves and a few other birds singing.
        Now because its a nice day and Saturday we thought why not whip over to Woodstock and check out the Farmer's Market their (we enjoy Farmer's Markets). So took off just before 9 am and wandered about this market for a while, not huge but lotsa good stuff, we like to support local when we can.
Tired Horses. $60.
       Quite a few friendly vendors inside as well as out, a few samples here and there, hmm what do we need?
local cheeses
local Butchers
Awe Sausage rolls , gotta have one of them
        Suzie checks the bakery stuff not so much me though.
Local Maple Syrup $60. for 4 litres
but it is sooo good, if you can afford it
Suzie spotted these homemade pies 
This one we just had to take home
          While wandering about we ran into a good friend Trish's Father at the market and chatted with him for a while. Nice to see him again its been a few years. And he told me he reads our blog every day still.
           From here around the corner to visit an old friend Dave who runs his own wine making store the last few years and loves it. Vintner Wineworks. He loves his job! Like he says he makes money by making people happy. Making some very good vines at very affordable prices, how can you not love a job like that? We have known Dave over 25 years, our daughters used to figure skate together way back then, we went to skating competitions all over and even camped together with the kids and without the kids after they got older. So nice to see his smiling face again.
he is always busy there and loves his job
             After here while in town thought we would see if Trish and Mike were home. Yup they were so stopped in for a coffee and catchup. Met them 10 years ago at Rock Glen resort when they camped there all the time. But lifestyles change their daughter is older now and likes living in town. It's been a couple years I think since we saw them. Maggie was there and jumped right up to visit us and Suzie got here doggie fix.
Maggie is a sweetie
          Now its getting be noon so time to head home, but we passed by a Pizza Pizza place down the street. I thought heck lets grab a couple slices of Pizza. We have free coupons that we get with a case of beer. Lunch time and free Pizza why not. Not the best Pizza we ever had but time for lunch it filled the hole and was tasty AND we like FREE.
We like this beer, as cheap as you can buy in Ontario
and a free slice
these slices were huge, we could have split one.
     Then heck 2 more blocks down the road Picard Peanuts, and Suzie loves their peanuts , so gotta stop there and pick up a 3 lb bag.
       That's it enough of this got done what we wanted so home to enjoy the afternoon sunshine and get some serious reading done.
love the blue cloudless sky just like Arizona
in the winter when we there
        Time for Supper but we not real hungry after that pizza for lunch. Had a couple Turkey Garlic sausage thawed out so I cooked them up later than usual and we just enjoyed a sausage on a bun, tasty.
        That was it for a wonderful days outing and visiting with friends we have not seen for a while nice to catch up. You notice about all we purchase when we are out is consumables, because there is nothing much else we need. We have it all! At least all that we want.
         Just sitting outside, after 9 pm blogging, then reading after 9 pm no wind at all and the only noise we here is the birds chirping and an ultralight flying over the trees for a few minutes,  perfect night for it. 
         Glad you stopped in today hope your Saturday was a fun one too!

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  1. What a fun day shopping and catching up with old friends. I love peanuts too!

  2. Lots of goodies there, it seems.

    1. Yes there was lots goodies, fruit veggies, baked goods and crafts, we found a few good ones.

  3. Looks like it's in a different location from where I remember it as a kid growing up in Woodstock. It used to be in an old building right downtown close to the old town hall that became a museum.

    1. This one is at the Fairground and raceway, I believe there is still one downtown as well.

  4. Busy, busy day for you two. You know how I love a good farmer's market.

    Our daughter, Kelly and her husband, Dave, make delicious Maple Syrup. They have a huge wooded lot behind their house. The neighbors taught them how to do it last year. This year's batch was delicious. Lots of work though. It is about $54/gallon in Chardon, Ohio.

    1. Was a busy fun day.
      Making Maple syrup is a lot of work and many hours to boil it down, I know why it costs so much. But is so very good too.

  5. Love Picards, stop there every time we visited my sister. The maple syrup looks good but 4 litres is a two or three years supply for us. Can't beat those Ontario markets!

    1. We love Picard's as well, good peanuts and great prices.
      We use very little Maple syruo so would last us for years.

  6. You found the elusive free lunch? I'm jealous, I've been searching for it for a long time! :cD

    1. Yup we sure did, we but the beer anyway so this is a bonus.

  7. Wow! I give this day a perfect 10! Excellent!

    1. Yes Peter, most days are close to a 10 as it is, good just keeps getting better. Maybe need to go for an 11?


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