Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, July 04, 2016

Such a wonderful quite day here after the long weekend and a Happy Independence Day to all of our American friends, wherever you might be.

Where are we today ?

Galvin Bay resort

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          Just more of this great weather, sunshine blue skies and temps up to 80f (26c) and no wind or humidity to speak of.
         I would like to take this time to wish all of our American friends and followers a Happy Independence Day (Four of July long weekend and celebrations). Our long weekend wound down yesterday and yours will wind down today. Hope ya'll had too much fun.
             After a few nice quiet walkabouts and shortly before 9 am I headed into Peterborough and .... Suzie went with me! Now that is a rare occasion for sure, she hates shopping. But she had an ulterior motive. Wanted to get her hair trimmed. No problem for me I can wander about looking for deals and stock up with supplies we needed. She managed to get through all this, got her hair trimmed, and we made it home in time to make a light lunch.
             Now to enjoy some quiet time here in this almost deserted camp ground got some nice reading time in. Love the peace and quiet.
             Just before 4 o'clock Jim stopped by to inform us of Happy Hour at their place, 2 sites up. Ok we can handle that, share stories a few laughs meet new people, always fun for an hour or so before supper.
New places, new faces
          Supper tonight a couple nice pork chops I picked up today and a green salad, more that enough for us tonight. Just fired up our Weber Q and done quick and easy, so tasty too.
yup was good
       Now to relax outside finish the blog and get some more reading time in, just enjoying this amazing summertime weather.
 This pic below was taken after 9pm last night. Suzie got her doggie fix when Billy Jean (BJ) came running over to jump in her lap.
BJ loves Suzie
      Hope you all had a wonderful day and a happy 4th of July to all those people celebrating, We are celebrating right here in our own way too.
      Thanks for stopping in again.
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  1. Replies
    1. Your welcome glad that you enjoyed day with wonderful weather.

  2. Crikey ..... you gotta get a pair of sharp scissors so you can cut Susie's hair for her. My Mum hates shopping too. She hates hairdressers even worse. Bit of agoraphobia going on there I think. Dad cuts her hair for her. She had long hair until a few weeks back when she got Dad to cut it. Asked him to hack it off at shoulder height and before she knew what was happening it was short. She might never recover. At least she won't need another cut for a long time, aye?? We are all so sad here today. Morty Moo is still not good. Thanks for the prayers. I sure hope he's listening up there.

    1. I will not touch Suzie's hair with scissors, I could make a mistake too,. She keeps it long and only need a light trim couple times a year, I do the cooking so I do the shopping , no problem there.
      Good luck with Morty Moo hope things look up.

  3. It was a busy day for sure. Now that the holiday folks are back at their own homes, it should be much more peaceful!

    1. The summer is here so we can expect busy weekend now until the fall, during the week is not too bad though.


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