Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

More great weather and a couple doggie fixes for Suzie.

Where are we today ?
        Hey we have another awesome day, not too humid and feels like 32c (89f) loving it! A few early morning walkabouts chat with a couple people then a quick trip to the store for some food stuffs.
       Last night I boiled the bones from 2 chickens we had recently for an hour or so, drain off the broth and picked of any meat left on the bones. 
looking good 
the bones here
broth going in the fridge overnight
        Back home from shopping after skimming any excess fat from the broth, I boiled it  for a while reducing it by almost half,(the flavor comes out) added some celery, frozen mixed veggies, onion, couple bay leafs, garlic, salt pepper, sage, summer savoury and a bit more chicken, then the last 20 minutes added some broad egg noodles and it was very tasty. Love homemade soup, I had a couple bowls and Suzie had only one but a chicken sandwich as well.
Still have one bowl left for me tomorrow's lunch
         I puttered around outside for a while then an hour at the fitness centre here. Back home to read for a bit chat with a few people and Suzie got her first doggie fix of the day. Tucker and his mommy stopped by for a pet and a treat.
Tucker a good boy, waits for his
 treat on Suzie's knee
Then hugs and kisses
       Now about 3 o'clock were invited to Ron and Lorees' up the hill for Happy Hour and of course visit with Freddie too, another doggie fix.
Freddie has calmed down by now
        So we caught up with the gossip and home by 5 to whip up supper. Suzie can relax while I do my stuff.
       Still amazing weather so tonight a couple Cod loins, pan fried in olive oil, with Garlic Butter Fish Crisp on our Weber Q. She loves the fish done this way.
2 minutes a side and perfect
Just add to our salad and we had a feast
            Just another day always something to do outside. Still out here until almost 8 o'clock , getting dark early now and cooling down. 
          Thanks for dropping in again, nice to have you along.

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  1. Read about the chicken noodle soup... decided to make some for dinner tonight... scrolled down... read about the cod... remembered I bought fresh cod at Kroger's yesterday... changed my mind... fried cod tonight. George... you do inspire me....

    1. Haha hanks Sharon, both were very tasty, always looking for yummy meals that are homemade, so tasty and good for you too.
      Hope you enjoyed you cod , we love it or most any fish.

  2. I'm always amazed after Thanksgiving the folks who toss the bones. Nothing is better than having turkey noodle soup follow a big dinner. Enjoy that nice weather. Fall is just around the corner.

    1. Looking forward to making more soups this fall, Turkey, Ham, chicken and can always make it just the way you like it too.

  3. Suzie is the next "Dog Whisperer", looking forward to her TV show... :cD

    1. Haha,, thats not her style, sorry no tv show for her.


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