Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, September 07, 2015

Hot summer day and computer issues that Rick Doyle is helping us with, he is amazing!

Where are we today ? 
      Today we having another heat wave got up to 39c (102f) with the humidity. My kinda weather. Got a few walkabouts early this morning then a few dips in the pool as well.
love the mist over the river right
 behind us in the early morning.
       My Ma is having a problem with the small  (bar) fridge in her place so went to check it out. Its old (30 year and the freezer has iced up badly the door does not close. So I found one she likes and will pick it up tomorrow for her.
       Back here and a nice cooling dip in the pool then a bite for lunch.  Suzie has been having issues with her windows computer so contacted Rick Doyle he is the Man! Lives on Vancouver Island in British Columbia Canada. We met him a couple years ago in Desert Hot Springs California and he sure does know his way around windows computers. We were hoping to meet up with him again this fall with our planned trip across Canada but that has been ditched! Maybe in Desert Hot Springs again this winter.
we on John's Deck beside the pool
using his unlimited hi speed internet
he does not mind
look the other way we have the pool 
my Mac on the left chatting with Rick
Suzie's Pc on the right
its a few hours in this hot 100f plus weather but the pool
is right beside us
      We did manage a few  dips in the pool, oh so refreshing it is ! Then time for me to begin supper. Marinade a couple boneless chicken breast in this Swiss Chalet Marinade, very tasty.
grill on our Weber Q about 10 minutes a side 
again add to a salad and we are good to go
left over chicken too of course
          After supper still 88f inside our coach at 7:30 pm so now that our Genny works  easy, Pushed the button fire it up, turn on both a/cs and in 20  minutes we 72 f inside the coach, now good for the night.
          Still working on Suzie's computer its been an all day affair, with any luck we (or Rick) will find out the real problem. Its leading to a hard drive failure! Guess we will see.
       Thanks for stopping by and checking us out.
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  1. John's place is amazing. He is so generous to open all aspects of his home to you two.

    If Rick can't fix it, it probably can't be fixed.

    1. John is an amazing guy.
      Think Suzie's computer need a new hard drive.

  2. Seems not many people like the hot weather.... we're in the minority. Hope you get your computer problems fixed soon... I'm still using Windows 7 and hope I'm not forced to change.

    1. Yep love the heat!
      Suzie really loves Windows 10 much better than 7.

  3. Replies
    1. Not looking good, he is too far away to install a new hard drive.

  4. Nice to have that pool close by!

  5. Sorry you've had to scrap your plan to tour across Canada.

    1. Well it is what it is but things happen for a reason, we will just carry on plan B but it is not even on the chalk board yet.

  6. Maybe you will have an inexpensive winter and can go home via the west coast and Vancouver Island.

    Rick took remote control of my computer recently and fixed a pesky video driver problem. I just hope he never gets tired of helping us out and closes shop!

    1. That is a thought in the spring, but I think April is a little early in the year, but ya never know.
      He took control of Suzie's too, and not a software issue, most likely the hard drive.
      Rick is sure a handy guy to know thats for sure

  7. With a swimming pool so close, it's a wonder you don't spend most of the day under the water to keep cool. We forgot what boondocking did to air conditioning until we stopped at Walmart this evening .. wish they offered a pool but I guess with or without it, the price is right.

    1. The price is right here too makes it real nice too.


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