Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, September 26, 2015

The leaves are beginning to change color, slowly but its happening!

Where are we today ?
         Still amazing weather here and with our many walkabouts today did actually find a few trees starting to change color. Yep fall is on its way. Sunny short daylight hours and cooler nights just getting ready for whatever is in store for this coming winter.
         Not a lot of colors yet but it is happening, still day time temps in the mid 70'sF (23c)w e can sure live with that, no rain or wind and lotsa sunshine. Just like the southwest.
        Morning and afternoon walkabouts , chat with a few people we have not seen for a while, nice to catchup a bit when we can.
        No fitness centre for me today, Kind of over did it yesterday and pulled a few muscles, take a day off is good  and a long hot shower helps too.
        More reading outside and just enjoying this amazing weather. If we are outside people do stop by and chat too, kind of nice.
        There was 2 young girls from next door walking Tucker and of course he would not let them go by without stopping to see Suzie.
Tucker wants a rub
          For supper tonight we gotta do fish ( cause Suzie says so )  So a couple Haddock loins done on our Q pan fried with Fish crisp just the way she likes it.
           Couple grilled tomatoes with garlic and cheese added to a salad and a garlic bun with cheese.
quick easy and so tasty
          After supper enjoying a wonderful evening outside and caught a glimpse of an amazing sunset.
not too often we get these here
         Just the kind of days we enjoy. Gonna have a busy one tomorrow so suits us just fine.
         Thanks for stopping in again and really hope you are having some great fall weather wherever you are.
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  1. One thing we both really miss is seeing the fall colors of Ohio. We used to take an annual drive through Amish country to see the gorgeous colors of that area and enjoy the haystacks.

    Awesome sunset!

    1. Another week or so here, and a couple more weeks in Plattsville so we will se some more colors.
      Glad you are enjoying Florida.

  2. Glad the weather is the way you like it.
    When exercising it is recommended that you workout every other day to give the muscles time to heal. If you plan on working out daily lower the weight you use until your body adjusts to the daily ritual. I learned that from experience.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes I worked out since I was a teen and learned that many years ago. I have been using light weights but the one machine I forgot the setting, musta done it. I just reminded myself of my limits

  3. Fall is definitely in the air...beautiful weather you are having!

  4. Pan fried fish always works for me. As we've traveled East, we've seen several places with leaves turning color, especially Aspens as we crossed the mountain passes

  5. I would have thought peak season would be about now for your location. Evidently, I don't know a thing about the leaves.

    1. It will be a few more weeks before peak season is upon us.


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