Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, September 18, 2015

Somebody has a birthday here in our house and it's not me.

Where are we today ?
         Somebody in our house has a birthday today, and its not me, guess who?
         Cool nights warm days are perfect. The early morning walkabouts then a quick trip to Forest and check out the Farmer's Market. Its small but a few local vendors here. Picked up a quart of Local strawberries, just about the end of the season and they are very good..
downtown Forest Market  Fridays until October
some nice produce still
          Back home for a light lunch, and cut up the tiny watermelon we got a couple weeks ago from of friends Chris and Bill's garden. 
lots seeds but very tasty
           Now today is Suzie's birthday and she can do whatever she wants. So reading, her favorite past time and a nice afternoon nap works for her. Me I wander about chat with a few people here and there and a hour at the fitness centre.
          Then time for our Happy hour with each other. Of course people walk by and chat with us too while outside and thats just fine.
Tucker gave Suzie a birthday kiss
Choco came by to visit to but no kisses
            After a drizzly rainy day off an on the sun came out this afternoon warming things up nicely.
           Now for her birthday I offered to take her anywhere she wanted to go for Supper. She says her favorite place is right here. Wanted me to cook one of her favorite meals.  No problem we like eating at home and I enjoy cooking. So tonight I whipped up a Fettucinni Alfredo with sea scallops, escargot, garlic bread with cheese,  and a small salad. Add to that  a bottle of  Oak Leaf wine we picked up in California last winter for a $1.97 the whole meal (not counting desert) was less than $15.00. She happy me happy too.
            Because it was her birthday she even let me wash the dishes too, gotta do it right ya know.
we had a feast 
Desert a Black Forest Cake I picked up
        Mind you we too stuffed for desert right now, maybe later or tomorrow.
Thats my Birthday Girl
         Today was her day and we both really enjoyed it.
         If you are friends on Facebook you would have seen here birthday today, she sure did get a lot of birthday wishes there.
          Hope you had a wonderful day just like we did.
          Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. Let me be the first on the blog to wish you a very happy birthday Suzie! Looks like you had a super day!

    1. Thanks Paul and Marsha for the birthday wishes, It was a wonderful day and Suzie spent it exactly the way she wanted.

  2. Well, i could do the washing the dishes part, but my cooking skills are pretty limited. I've enjoyed your travels back and forth over the summer.

    1. It sure was nice to ave you along, hope you come along with us when we head south in a month.

  3. What a perfect day and perfect meal for you both.

  4. Happy Birthday Suzie from the both of us. With all the food in that picture it looks like you'll be celebrating for a few more days.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Happy 29th!! I think you chose the perfect menu for your dinner. Love it.

    1. I figured that be something that would work for you as well, very tasty.

  6. Happy Birthday Suzie! Your birthday meal looks wonderful.

  7. We've got three birthdays to celebrate this weekend and none of those birthdays are mine! Happy Birthday, Suzie!

    1. Thanks Terry and Jeri.
      Wow 3 birthdays in one weekend you will be busy.

  8. Happy Birthday and what a great feast to celebrate.

  9. Happy Birthday Suzie! Looks like a great day to me... especially the part where you could do exactly what you wanted to do... and a doggie fix as well!


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