Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

A few more miles today and keeping ahead of Murphy, he's trying to get us.

Where are we today ?
Fifty Point Conservation area Grimsby Ontario
         We choose to stay here in Grimsby for the night only 20 minutes from the dealer that we want to be at by 7:30 in the morning. Full hookups, here, fill some fresh water drain our tanks and have some nice long hot showers. For the link to Fifty Point Conservation area you can  click HERE   if ya like. 
        Last night our internet was too slow to upload my pics so got them done early this morning. 
        If your missed the pictures from yesterday's posting you can click here, we had a wonderful tour along the north shore of Lake Erie. Totalling about 300 miles between yesterday and this morning using up most of our fuel that was required for the repair and had too much fun doing it as well.
        This morning we had coffees and chatted with Chris and Bill for quite a while then hit the road around 10 am. Thanks guys for your hospitality and it was a great visit. So nice to catch up again.
         Heading to 50 Point in Grimsby was a nice back country drive only 73 miles. We checked in and set up by noon. Had a bite for lunch and I took a drive in the car to Sicard's  to reconfirm our check in time tomorrow for the service. In the morning we can have the coach there before  8 am and they will take it in right away. They recommended a hotel where we will get a good discount as well.
73 miles today a nice lazy drive.
       Love the easy pace of these back roads, so relaxing.
Ginseng farm ready for planting 
        Here we are this the place for tonight.
         Now while driving the car to Sicards the service engine light comes on! Oh crap what else can go wrong? I drove and thought about it for a while. Hmm Had that problem a few years ago so I tried the fix I did then. Remove the gas cap, cleaned it and put it back on ! Hey light went out, yahoo we do'in good!
        Back home its real hot in the coach (90f) and seeing as we have power gonna fire up or A/C . Now guess what?  The thermostat does not respond, nothing , Nada, hmm !!!  Thinks about it for a while. Oh yeah the memory comes back. Had the same issue a few years ago to. So I remove the controller, take it apart and spray with Electronic cleaner, all the buttons and switches. Let it dry while I had my shower, put it back together and whoopee everything works again! Both a/c's and the furnace, we doing good.
this be the controller, now obsolete of course
sprayed this on the contacts
and like magic all is good again
           Now I can relax and read outside for a while with Suzie in the shade, such a perfect hot summer day, love it!
wonderful huge site here
       Now time for supper, thawed out a couple cod fillets and Suzie would like them pan fried in Fish Crisp, so that what I do. Added  to a salad and we good to go.
this works wonderful
oh so tasty too.
another tiny musk melon too
from Chris' garden
         After supper took the garbage to that dumpster and walked along the pond behind the bush here. Wonderful area here except for the noise from the highway when we outside.
      Now along the pond noticed a wonderful sunset almost done, managed to get a pretty decent pic of it too.
nice sunset for Sept 1st, almost in the city
       Just more enjoying a wonderful evening outside until almost 9 pm, time to call it a night soon.
       We keeping on top of Murphy can't let him get to us can we?
       Glad that you stopped in again, and really hope your day was a great one too.

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Spring and Summer.


  1. Beautiful site for sure.

    We had to take out cap off one time also. Cleaned it and it did the trick.

    1. Sometimes the simple fixes work. Thats the kind I like.
      Maybe our gas tank will be a simple fix.

  2. pretty sunset. I'm going to have to look up Fish Crisp

    1. You can get it in Canada most grocery stores, Canadian Tire etc..

  3. Staying ahead of Murphy is a good thing. You certainly don't want him to catch up with you.

  4. Hope you beat Murphy.
    Looking forward to being on the road this weekend with the kids in Niagara Falls.
    Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Hope the fuel pump replacement goes as easy as the car and t-sat repairs did!

  6. I sure hope that things will go extra smooth fro your rig today. I kept thinking about what you wrote yesterday and needing to plus your RV in to keep the fridge working. Does it not run on propane?

    1. Yes it runs on propane but is in the shop for 2 days and they need to use welding equipment there.

  7. Oops, 'needing to plug your RV in'

  8. I don't know which looked better, the pan fried fish or the sunset. I guess one is food for the body, the other is food for the soul. I've got fish in the fridge - I'm going to have it tonight. Wish I had some Fish Crisp. :)

    1. We do like the fish crisp hope to stock up before we leave.

  9. Thanks for the visit you two. Good to see you again.

    1. Was great to see you guys again too, thanks for the excellent cookies as well.


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