Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday, fleamarket, sunshine, reading, clean air filter, chat with a few people and a great supper, love it !

Where are we today ?

       Well today is Sunday , the rain stooped last night, the sun is shining and not too cool. What's not to love about that? Now because we are here and its Sunday the Pinery  Fleamarket in Grand Bend is open today so we gotta go.
       A wonderful country drive just to wander about, people watch and chat with a few vendors there, maybe even buy something too.
such a perfect day!
        So after the computing, coffees and a few walkabouts left here about 9 am. Wander the market for a while. Not too crowded yet , just the way we like it. Picked up a new BBQ brush for a buck, one bag of pepperettes, and new cover for Suzie's I pad mini. Always enjoy wandering about here in the woods, never know what we might find.
Pinery Flea Market
lots of  nice fresh produce
antique rides for the kids
love this antique dragster for you car buffs
a Flat Head V-8
       On the way back stopped by Juicy Fruit Orchards and check them out. Picked up a spaghetti squash and an acorn squash for 2 bucks and 5 lbs of Honey crisp Apples for 6 bucks, all this stuff is grown right here so ya know its fresh and very reasonable too.
        We wanted a 5 lb bag of Honey Crisp  apples so the Lady hand picked a bag full for us right from this bin that just came in from the orchard.
we grabbed one spaghetti squash and
an acorn squash buck a piece
       Now home before 11 am and Suzie wanted to down load her Windows 10 to her new hard drive (she loves Windows 10!) So this download was very quick  only about 90 minutes plus about 30 more minutes for updates. Her computer is up and running even better than when it was new, gotta love it!
         My project was to remove the K&N air filter from our coach and service it. It came with the coach, is fuel efficient and permanent. Just need to clean it every year or so.
before cleaning
cleaning kit
cleaned and ready to go for another year or so
       Then we can relax and enjoy our e-readers. Of course Tucker came by to give Suzie a kiss and get a treat.
         Now I get to whip up supper. Turkey Garlic sausage, 2 cobs of fresh corn and a  jalapeno pepper stuffed with cream cheese. Add that to our salad we had more than enough again.
        Sure did the trick, after a wonderful sunny day.
        Glad you stopped in and hope your Sunday was a much fun as ours was.

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Spring and Summer.


  1. Most of the flea markets around this area stop opening on the weekends after Labor Day. They certainly are fun to visit though. We usually find a lot of great buys.

    1. This one is open until our Canadian ThanksgIving, this year October 12.

  2. Sharon worked the St Albert street market selling French table linnens for her daughter on Saturday.

    1. Now that would have been a fun day, selling at the market.

    2. The fruit and veggies look nice and fresh and not a bad price either.

    3. Yes very good prices right now when in season locally !

  3. Looks like a very successful day at the markets and with your project.

  4. Nothing better than fresh produce! Can't beat those prices, either. :c)

    1. Buying right from the grower is always wonderful and less expensive as well.


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