Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, September 06, 2015

Sunday long weekend and so peaceful here, love it !

Where are we today ?
       Here we are in Plattsville at Camp Awesome, temperatures great over night about 18 c ( 65F) windows open , and so quiet here is amazing. Early this morning we have some fog but nice and warm no bugs so a walkabout is in order. Right behind us through the bush and down by the river.
love the spider web in the early morning dew
early morning fog
        Now to walk across the road and follow the trail down to the river, nice and warm and no bugs, so quiet too, love it !
around the  edge of a soya bean field
quiet spot by the river
         Lots of people come here to fish, party etc but they keep it very clean no trash at all, just this small fire pit.
nice fire pit back here in the bush
fishing or swimming right here in the river
        Then about 8:30 a walkabout town and stopped by the garage to chat with the guys for a bit then back home. Next was to vacuum the pool here. Why not? I know how and enjoy doing it in this hot summer weather. Of course when that is done gotta go for a dip in the pool. Then whip up a light lunch for us. 
pool clean and nice and refreshing
         Putter around our coach for a while cleaning up a few things then need another dip in the pool. After all with the humidity feels like 97f (36c) again and the pool is here , why not?
         See these squirrel all over the place here, could this be the varmint that chewed or generator fuel line?
lot of these squirrels around here,
maybe chewed the line to our generator?
       Read for a bit, ,\mowed the grass around the pool and yet another dip in the pool, love it! So refreshing and not crowded (like nobody around much) , just John who is usually working anyway.
       Then we had a visitor drop by an old neighbor of ours Dave used to live right behind our house  for many years, he still there. He is a trucker and just came back from southern California, he trucks to a lot of areas we have been, so nice to compare notes.
        Now time to whip up supper. Grill a nice lean pork tenderloin and a cored apple with cinnamon. Add that to a salad and musk mellon we have a feast.
sure was tasty and off course leftovers too
        Not sure where the time went but the day sure flew by. Love the relaxing peace and quiet here does not get much better than this. Sure beats a campground especially on a long weekend !
        Thanks for stopping by and hope your Labor Day weekend is going great for you too.
Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Spring and Summer.


  1. Ahhhhh.... a relaxing day.... great way to spend a Sunday. Is this a holiday weekend in Canada? If so... you'll have one more day just to hang out... my kind of day for sure.

    1. This is Labor Day weekend I believe Monday is a holiday there too.
      Its been a busy week nice not have to go anywhere.

  2. You are so right about spider webs in the morning. They are beautiful.

    Perfect way to spend a Sunday...or for that matter...any day!

    1. It is nice to spend a few days like this especially with this amazing weather.

  3. Camp Awesome is awesome. Really looks like the good life.

    1. It is the good life, this is a wonderful place to hang out.

  4. Cool temperatures to sleep in and places for nice morning walks. Looks like awesome is a good word for where you are.

  5. Love the early morning walks...the spider web photo is awesome!

    1. Thanks me too.
      Early morning walks everyday gets me off to a good start.

  6. I do not think I want to meet the spider that built that web:)

  7. Sure does look like a peaceful place for your morning stroll


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