Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Brrrr its cooled down, but still mostly sunny.

Where are we today ?
         What the heck, we knew it was going to cool down. Temps today never got above 22c (72F) looks like our heat wave is done for now. We are not like most people, love the heat ! Today actually felt almost cold,  had to wear shoes and socks and even long pants by mid afternoon. No swimming in the pool today where the water was actually much warmer than the air.
         I got a chiropractor appointment for 10:40 this morning and dropped Suzie at her Mom and Dad's while I whipped into Waterloo. Wanted a tune up for my back and it was actually worse than I thought, sure feel amazing now.
         Picked up Suzie and back home for lunch. Wanted to mow some lawn but take it easy on my back so only did it for 1 hour got the rear back section 1.5 acres done, driving slower this time, supposed to rest my back a bit and did not want to over do it. I will finish the rest of the 3.5 acres in the next day or so if we still here.
        Suzie would like to wait for her computer to be fixed or we would be outta here. Jeremy is working on it as we speak, so see how that goes. Did get some reading done outside and a couple walkabouts as well.
        Then fired up our Weber Q to grill a whole chicken I picked up on sale six bucks, we will get a couple good meals out of it and a pot of soup as well. 75 minutes on the Q  internal temp 185F, perfect, moist inside and skin is crispy. This time though I froze the bones and will make the soup when we have full hookups, hopefully soon.
Chicken and zucchini slices 
That is direct heat on the grill preheat
15 minutes turn to low, close lid (don't peak)
 I turned it over to
show its not burnt either.
my favorite chicken dipping sauce 
added the salad and sure hit the spot
        We just hanging out keeping ourselves busy as usual, and least the weather is not too cold yet hopefully we will still have some nice fall weather.
        Thanks again for stopping by.

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  1. I wish you could send some of your cooler temperature this direction. It was hard to cool the coach down today.

    1. We have been close to 100f for a while, down to 72f is a bit drastic .

  2. Temperatures should be back to the low 80's by next week. (Hate having to wear shoes)
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Your sending us that cool weather today and tomorrow. After 90+, 75 feels very cool...hehe

    Hope you get that computer headache out of the way today!

    1. That would be nice, Suzie having computer withdrawal, she not used to using my Mac much...

  4. Nice color on the chix skin. Temps here in OR doing just the opposite and going from low 70's to 90.


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