Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Day trip to New Hamburg and get some family photos with Suzie's family.

Where are we today ?
        Today we are heading to New Hamburg, about a 90 minute drive to have a family photo taken with Suzie's Mom and Dad. Including their children , grand children and great grandchildren. Hard to get everyone together at one time but we did manage to do it. Time frame from 12:30 until 1:15 pm.
But we got it done everyone there.
        We  got there about 11 am and Suzie helped her Dad get Mom dressed and ready for the pics. We had a lovely dinner with them in the dining room at 11:45.
hey thats us!
Her psw that helps too.
very tasty dinner, roast turkey, gravy, mashed,
 cranberries and asparagus
desert strawberry Rhubarb pie, excellent !
        Then as the family gathered we waited out side in the gazebo until the timing was right.
her mom and dad with the grandchildren
with the great grandchildren
Thats us with her Mom and Dad
         Nephew-in-Law Matthew took the group pictures and when I get them will post a shot of everyone here. If for nobody else these pictures will be here for us and the rest of the family.
         On the way back to Arkona through Tavistock, we stopped to buy some fresh corn. Got chatting with these people and go figure. They are related to Suzie, know her Mom and Dad and then some ! Small world.
love the roadside farmers
        Now back home shortly after 4 and not too hungry, but did find a small Turkey Cordon Swiss in our freezer (from Hayter's Turkey in Dashwood) that we could share. So popped it in the oven for an hour and enjoyed a very nice warm afternoon reading our e-readers.
love these Rice crisps
tonights supper just hit the spot
            Another great day weather wise and a wonder visit with Suzie's family as well.
            Thanks once again for stopping on by.
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  1. Suzie sure looks like her Mother, doesn't she? Lovely family.... so nice to get that photo done now. Hey... we're in a campground and guess what I saw on the picnic table next to us? Yep... a Weber Q! I think it's one of those that comes in fancy colors. I haven't seen them cooking on it... but of course I thought of you.

    1. Yes Suzie sure does look a lot like her mother thats for sure.
      The Weber Q yes, but they need to use it to make it worth while, hope they do.
      No matter the color will work amazing!

  2. Family pictures are wonderful. Glad you were able to get it all together.

  3. Great pics....families have a habit of expanding.....LOL

  4. What a wonderful thing to do. Everyone looks great. Mom and dad will cherish those photos as will the entire family.

    1. Photos really help relive the memories and we have so many of them.

  5. It is always so nice to be able to get a true family picture done. I love the one with Suzie's parents and the great grandchildren, that one is just so sweet. You and Suzie are looking good, retirement RV living is doing wonders to you both.

    1. Thanks Ruth. These pictures are priceless especially with the great grandchildren.
      Retirement and the fulltime lifestyle is really agreeing with us.

  6. That is great that you could get the whole family together for a photo.

  7. Nice family get together, with great pictures to remember it by! :c)

    1. It was very nice, more memories for the memory bank.

  8. What a fabulous idea. The photos look great especially the great grans.


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