Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Amazing September weather and a quiet campground, whats not to like?

Where are we today ?
        What a wonderful night's sleep, windows open not too cool gotta love it! Today sunny and very warm 29c (84f) just the way we like it.
        A few walkabouts enjoying the peace and quiet here, off season and amazing weather, perfect!
Thats our coach all by ourselves in the square
The orchard camping empty as well 
out door pool not crowded either
          I took 4 loads of laundry around the corner in town to the laundry mat, quiet too, all done in 90 minutes, the back home for lunch.
          Read for  a while and an hour at the fitness centre here, quick shower, and read some more. Then time to fire up our Weber Q. Grill a whole chicken I picked up on sale (six bucks) and added to a salad what a treat, again. We love our chicken. Lots of leftovers too, soup and sandwiches.
70 minutes on the Q to 185 F,
internal temp
sure was tasty as usual
         Then the carcass from  tonight and one from the other day I had frozen, I boiled to make a nice broth for some chicken noodle soup. I will finish up tomorrow after I skim off the cooled fat after being in the fridge overnight.
          Hang out for  a while outside reading until shortly after 8 pm. Then inside to strain the soup bones and finish my posting.
         Then the season finale of ZOO a Tv a series that was taken from the book by James Patterson, a book I had read earlier this year. And one of my favorite authors.
         We are enjoying our time here as we always do, something to keep us busy here every day especially with this amazing weather we are having, no need to go anywhere!
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  1. No chicken bones going to waste, you always find a way to make everything delicious! :c)

    1. So much you can do with food,it you just take a bit of time.

  2. Nummy. I love chicken but alas, Terry, not so much.

    1. Too bad Terry does not like chicken done right is so moist, tender and tasty.


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