Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sunshine, awesome day, farmer's market and a wonderful dinner.

Where are we today ? 
         A wonderful warm sunny day, really does not get much better than this. Sunny and about  74 f (23c). So today's plan was to wander on into Peteborough 2o minutes south of here and explore the Peterbourgh Farmer's market, a nice place to explore on a wonderful sunny day.
        Before we got there stopped at a Giant Tiger store to check out their deals and pick up a couple must have things (real cheap).
        Then to the market, perfect day for it. Lots of vendors and lots of people, but not too crowded, just the way we like it.
a few buskers here and there, pretty good music
fresh fruit and veggies
need plants?
How about Hula Hoops?
would love a towed like this
heading back home
thru the village of Bridgenorth, we have traffic!
Cottage country
back road home with nice places across the lake
          Then as Suzie had nap I made a quick trip to Buckhorn for a few items and stopped by the lift locks, lotsa boaters here just enjoying the great weather.
        Back home Suzie finished her nap and enjoying a social time with neighbors Pat and Norm and a few friends, also getting her doggie fix again with BJ (Billy Jean) smuggling her.
more wild life wandering abou (a huge box turtle)
         Now tonight I am going to do a roast beef on our Weber Q. Found anice small 1.6 lb  outside round oven roast for $6.50 so thought I would give it a try. Now we don't eat a lot of beef and this roast could be tough done on the grill.
         But I a marinated it in olive oil, garlic and vinegar  for about three hours. Preheated the grill for about 15 minutes and turned on to low.
this my trivet, (cooling rack for baking)
         Put a double layer of foil under the rack, roast on the rack,taters on the grill, and closed the lid for an hour. Then my meat thermometer reads 138f (perfect).
roast and taters are done,
mesquite wood chips in foil on the right side.
         At this point I took the roast and taters off the grill, set on a plate and covered with the foil that was under it, makes all the juices go back into the roast. Turned the grill up a bit and heated fresh asparagus sprayed with olive oil just for couple minutes to make it warm and tender, Oh soo good!
thinly sliced the beef across the grain and it was AWESOME!
        We were both very happy with the results and will do this again. Just need to be careful to not overcook it! Why cook inside when I can do it on outside on the grill. The mesquite wood chips in foil also added an excellent smoky flavour too!
         Now again we had another awesome day. You know they keep getting better, must have something to do about being retired!
         Sitting outside here with Suzie, she reading her book and me posting this blog after 8  pm t-shirts and shorts and no bugs yet, gotta love this lifestyle. Now me done time to go inside and put our feet up.
         Thanks for stopping by, hope your day was as good as ours!
 Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. A beef roast....plenty of leftover! Double layer of foil underneath...hummm, glad you added that tip!! Nice Farmer's Market...we have yet to take in any around here but one of my fav visits ever! Looks like plenty of ideal weather up your way...we were in rain.

    1. Weather good so far, We have ben to a few markets this year already!

  2. Love your location ( has to be the best in Ontario ) and love the market. Life is good.

  3. We used to have Giant Tiger stores in the US. I think they are all gone now.

    Great Farmer's Market.

    I have never heard of using vinegar for a miranate.

  4. Nice Farmers Market...looks like lots of fresh veggies and the plants are so pretty!

    Dinner looked yummy as usual!

  5. This is definitely the time of year we start seeing more and more Saturday markets and they sure are fun to visit.

    1. Always fun to check out never know what you might see.

  6. That Farmer's Market looked terrific, George. Nice job on the roast too - I'm going to try asparagus on our Q the same way you did - it looked good.

    1. Great way to do the asparagus warmed thru, tender and still slightly crunchy, perfect!


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